Paul William Walker IV, better known as Paul Walker was born on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California, United States. Walker was an American actor and became famous in 1999 after starring in the film Varsity Blues. However, he becomes more famous since starring as Brian O’Connor in the fast and furious movie.


Walker was the first son of Cheryl Crabtree, a model and Paul William Walker III who worked as a contractor. He has mixed blood, Irish, English and German. His goal when he grew up was not to be an actor, but to become a marine biologist and one of his idols was Jacques Cousteau, a French marine expert. His handsome face made him a model since he was a child and started a professional career on television in 1985  when he was 12 years old.


Paul Walker Loves the Environment

Walker then moved to the big screen through the Monster in The Closet movie but received little response from Hollywood until he played a role in the film Meet the Deedles. Since then, various film offers have come to him, including Varsity Blues which made him famous and became a teen idol. Two years later, in 2001, Fast and Furious changed his life. In the movie,  he acts as an undercover cop and this movie makes him as one of Hollywood top actor.


In this movie,  he collided acting with Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gybson. Initially, Fast and Furious is not expected to achieve success as big as now, but who would have thought the film about the racing with a super-luxurious car could reap huge profits. Apart from acting as a police officer, Walker also starred in Hollywood movies including the Flags of Our Fathers with Clint Eastwood, Running Scared, Takers, Into the Blue and Vehicle 19.


Walker, who passed away on November 30, 2013, was known as a generous person who loved the environment. He even established the Reach Out Worldwide Foundation. The Paul Walker Foundation was also one of his legacies that dedicates his love to protect the sea and the environment.


Paul Walker Falling In Love with Indonesian Nature

Walker once campaigned to invite the public to care about coral conditions in the Mentawai Islands and even made a petition condemning the actions of Mentawai fishermen who used dynamite to catch fish. The natural conditions in the Mentawai Islands which consist of beautiful forests and sea and his love of surfing and diving make him fall in love with Indonesian nature.


When he first arrived he thought Mentawai was a secret island because there was no way to get there so he had to open the road. He even chose to build his house with his own hands using simple equipment. While living in his secret house, Paul Walker chose to grow his own rice for his living. He also dives to catch lobster or octopus and cooks it using a traditional fireplace. The secret house does not have electricity, he only uses candles as a lighting device at night. This natural beauty makes Paul Walker consider the Mentawai islands in West Sumatra as a hidden paradise in Indonesia, and one of the most beautiful places on  Earth.


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