Pinnacles National Park is a National Park located in the United States. This park protects the mountainous area located east of Salinas Valley in Central California. This new place was passed as a national park in January 2013. For nature lovers, this national park is a suitable destination to be more integrated with nature.


The unique rock arrangement created after undergoing erosion over millions of years dominated the park. 23 million years ago a lot of volcanoes was erupted, splattered, and formed the Pinnacles National Park, leaving a scene very different from the others. Travelers who want to visit can travel through pastures, chaparral (shrub vegetation), oak forests, and bottom of the canyon.


Climbers can enter the talus cave and arrive at towering stone towers enlivened by the Prairie habitat and Peregrine’s hawks, golden eagles, and the gorgeous California condor birds.


Millions of years ago devastating eruptions, lava flows, and landslides created a 30-mile volcanic field that later formed the foundation of Pinnacles National Park today. The field was then split into the center by the San Andreas Fault. The flow on its west side travels 195 miles to the north at a rate of 3-6 cm each year. All parts of it do not escape from the water, weathering, and chemical erosion.


Millions of years full of fire, ice, and other disturbances then produce quiet rock formations, even visited by 250 thousand visitors each year. Feels a bit weird because the violent and dynamic past has now produced a new scene that is so peaceful for visitors and climbers.


Now, these rocks not only provide a peaceful atmosphere for humans but also provide a place for many species of plants and animals to make it as their homes, including very rare birds like the California Condor birds. Pinnacles is the place where the bird lives. Many of these bird species live their lives by flying between Pinnacles and Big Sur beaches.


The number of birds has now increased from the previous number of only 22 birds. For 30 years they were in captivity, carefully monitored, and preserved earnestly has produced up to more than 400 birds. More than 200 of these birds fly freely in California, Arizona, and Utah.


On any given day over 60 birds may fly around the park, but the number is usually much lower and the birds of the condor are rarely seen. This is inversely proportional, especially when compared with its relatives, the turkey. A well-watched and lucky visitor may see two or three birds soaring over the top to find their lunch.


When visiting this place, tourists can admire the beauty of rock formations formed by natural processes. A traveler can also see wildflowers with 400 species of bees lying on it. There are also caves filled with 13 species of bats that are very dear to miss.


Usually, visitors come to this National Park to explore in nature area of 51 square kilometers. One powerful way to refresh yourself from busyness is to be quiet and let yourself get lost in this place. Camper can also be an interesting and challenging alternative to enjoy the entire landscape of this national park.


So many benefits provided by this national park. This place is like a paradise for rare animals in California. Although open to the public, does not mean that visitors are free to do things as they please without a sense of responsibility. By equally caring and maintaining this place is meant to help conserve nature because in this Pinnacles National Park rare animals rely on life.


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