Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, singer, and writer who likes to give information on the environment. Not just about the environment, this pretty woman is also often involved in social activities. Actress whose born 27 September 1972 often writes about food. Through Goop, Gwyneth tries to prove its commitment to the environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Gwyneth was born in Los Angeles, from actress Blythe Danner and film producer & director Bruce Paltrow. Her family is really related to the entertainment world. Her younger brother, Jake Paltrow, is a director and screenwriter.


This beautiful woman first started her acting career in a television movie directed by her own father entitled High (1989). After studying the appearance of her mother for several summers, she began making her professional stage show at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts.


Her career as an actress continues despite a brief break from the entertainment world. Along with her career as an actress, Gwyneth often active in social and environmental activities. She was the ambassador of the Save the Children organization to raise public awareness about World Pneumonia Day.


Gwyneth also was known as an actress who is quite active through the action go green. In September 2008, Gwyneth launched a lifestyle bulletin that appeared in weekly time. The bulletin named Goop, there is also a web page with the same concept in the site.


The bulletin’s name is strange enough to be heard but easy to remember. Gwyneth named it by her initials, G.P. There is no special meaning of the word ‘Goop’, she deliberately chose words that have no meaning in order to make it meaningful. Goop grew bigger and expanded into other sectors, such as electronic advertising media, collaboration with fashion labels, open pop-up shops, hold health summits, and print magazines.


In Gwyneth’s website and Goop bulletin, the ex-girlfriend of Brad Pitt’s shared various information about tourist destinations, recipes, meditation techniques, detox, fashion, books and much more that is not far from going green program.


One of its postings in 2010 is to invite netizens to “meat-free day”. In this case, Gwyneth sought the help of her friend who is a famous vegetarian named Paul McCartney. The Beatles personnel are known to have been a vegetarian since 1975.


In the post, Gwyneth impliedly suggests that loving the environment must start from oneself, like being a vegetarian or vegan. That way at least they can reduce carbon emissions and this can have a good impact on the environment.


Thanks to her efforts to invite the community to be more friendly to the environment, Gwyneth was awarded the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards event in 2015. The event was organized by EMA organization created to appreciate the best television movies or episodes that contain environmental messages. This organization believes that television, music, movies and the entertainment community have the power to influence the environmental consciousness of millions of people.


This proves that Gwyneth is not just talking, but really doing an action. Although she is not much involved in the famous environmental issues like some other celebrities, she leads an environmentally friendly life in her daily life. She used to live ‘green’ because her mother always pays attention to environmental issues and health.


Living conscious environment lifestyle makes Gwyneth also want to lower her habit on her children. For her, the best kind of eco-friendly life is to actually live that life. By making Goop, people are expected to become more environmentally conscious as Gwyneth Paltrow did.


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