Omkara Resort Yogyakarta is an eco-friendly hotel that has the concept of integrating with nature. This place is located on Jalan Balong, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The resort was built by David Mark Willes, an American citizen who has now moved citizenship into Indonesian citizens.


David desperately wanted peace and quiet for the guests who were staying at his resort. He chose the name Omkara because the word was taken from Sanskrit which means peace. At the prayer of Hinduism, the pronunciation of “Om” also serves to cleanse oneself and mind at the time of union with God Brahma (the creator god of the universe).


Before becoming a resort, Omkara is where David and his family live. Seeing the increasingly growing tourism in Indonesia, especially in the area of Yogyakarta, David directly want to invest in the specialty property accommodation. In 2013, his home was officially changed function into a resort that is open to the public.


According to most people, Malioboro is a place to visit because of its strategic location. However, not many people know that there is a hidden paradise in the area of Yogyakarta, precisely in Omkara Resort.


For those of you who live outside of Java Island, and landing to the Adisucipto airport, you can choose taxi transportation to get to the village Donoharjo, this journey only takes a journey of less than half an hour.


Arriving at the gate that read “Donoharjo Village”, you still have to travel as far as 5 kilometers from the big streets to get to the Omkara Resort.


On the way, you will be presented scenery of rice fields like a carpet of green layout, the sound of rushing mountain water flowing, the fragrance of the leaves that immediately burst and the air-cooled immediately felt in the skin.


Arriving at Jalan Balong, you will enter a small road and immediately greeted with a stone gate that reads “Omkara Resort Yogya”. This resort occupies 6000 square of land located in a remote area far from the settlement of residents, even this place is perfect for you if you want to remove the bustle of city life.


When entering the Balinese style gate, the feel of silence and calm is very felt. Some downhill stairs direct your view to the green tropical garden. There are also statues of artistic style and there is also a fountain pool that adds a beautiful impression.


The buildings at this resort simply do not change the original contours of the natural surface. Even the owner confessed, trying to minimize the logging at the time of development because he tried to preserve the environment by not damaging it.


All Javanese buildings and rooms have an ironwood roof and use clay roof tiles. All rooms do not use the air conditioner (AC), you simply open the room window to get cool air from outside.


From the window of the room, you will see and hear the rush of water flowing in the river and also seen an artificial mini waterfall consisting of rocks.


Almost all furniture made from wood, even to make visitors enjoy more natural, therefore, the owner does not provide any electronic at this place. However, Omkara Resort has now provided television and wifi as an additional facility.


Each room has a bamboo blinds cover on each balcony, and the rooms are separated by a garden. There is also a medium-sized pool, around the pool there are various plants and trees that grow naturally, such as melinjo trees, guava trees, coconut trees and other fruit trees.


Not far from the swimming pool, you will descend the lower area, where a small river indeed surrounds the residential area of the resort whose water flows directly from the foot of Mount Merapi.


They are serving Javanese food as a menu and also provide a vegetarian menu as well. Not only serves a variety of delicacies, this resort also provides a variety of fruit juice.  One of the beverages that fruit from kawista (wood apple) fruit, it is sour but fresh in the throat, this drink is believed to be efficacious to treat diarrhea and dysentery.


It does not only provide a restaurant, spa, bar and swimming pool. Omkara Resort also has a special place to make tempe. They also provide ox carts for you to ride if you want to go around the village.


With the tagline “The Pursuit Of Paradise”, David seeks to create a paradise of a world that is calm, comfortable, beautiful, cool and peaceful. Omkara Resort Yogyakarta can be a good example for lodging in a way not much change to the condition of nature.


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