Ninety Percent is one of the breakthroughs in the fashion industry. They take the challenge of creating a stylish brand that will connect the latest trends with a sustainable approach to society and the environment.


They change the rule with the profit allocation system. The company allocates 90 percent of their profits to four charities, and their customers can choose which of the four charities they want to support. At the end of the year, profits will be divided based on the number of votes of each charity.


The concept might sound absurd, but for Syafiq Hassan it’s time to take drastic action due to damaging effects of fast fashion. As a successful factory owner in Bangladesh, Hassan has produced clothing for H & M, Debenhams and New Look, among other global brands, before he finally decided to start his own company.


Together with the co-founder of Para Hamilton and creative director Ben Matthews, he created Ninety Percent, a new women’s clothing brand based in London that will contribute 90 percent of the profits distributed to various charity appointed by customers.


While many other brands donate a portion of their profits to charity, not many have committed to making large and long-term contributions. Hassan feels it is necessary because he wants to make a movement. “We really want to be different and rethink how business should be run. “Hassan, the owner of this brand, emphasized.


Ninety Percent and their Unique Concepts

The company manager, Nabil Al-Jannati, told about the idea behind it. They are striving to improve their social and environmental heritage by starting a consumer movement by improving the lifestyle.


What distinguishes this brand with other brands is the core of the brand concept. They hope to empower customers to shop from jersey collections to knitwear that is considered with a clean conscience. Besides that, it also gives them the option to play an active role in how to distribute profits to the brand.


The business model that they apply is to try something new by giving 90 percent of the profits distributed to the four charities and the workers who made the collection. 10 percent of the remaining profits are given to investors.


As a socially responsible company, they want to give confidence to those who use their collections. They make meaningful collections with skills to improve everyday life. By investing in the label, customers are given a voice and encouraged to find their voice.


They can even choose how to contribute the profits and where they want to share them. They hope that it becomes an active influence in the consumer movement besides making them aware of style and truly committed to change through fashion.


Ninety Percent and the Challenges

Of course, in building a brand, there are challenges that must be faced. One of them is to select from various fashionable products that are not fast fashion and develop luxury materials that are also sustainable and unite all these things by providing reasonable prices.


The second challenge is to create a concept where each product gets a unique code that validates the customer’s right to choose the charity they want to contribute. The challenge here is to create a powerful algorithm that also makes the user experience beautiful and simple. Working with Netguru, they can achieve both goals.


When they get a challenge, the way to deal with it is to surround themselves with talented people, who can offer their expertise and combine all these ideas into the best solution. Ninety Percent always wants to evolve and refine concepts in two ways: always review with a clear mind and always observe people’s opinions on it.


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