George Clooney whose full name is George Timothy Clooney, was born in Lexington, Kentucky, the United States on May 6, 1961. This handsome man is an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He is the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards in Syriana films and co-producing Argo films.


His mother named Nina Bruce (née Warren) was a beauty queen and city counselor. His father Nick Clooney is a former news and television host, including five years on the AMC network. Clooney has Irish, German and English blood. The grandmother of his ancestor, Mary Ann Sparrow, was Nancy Lincoln’s half-sister, mother of President Abraham Lincoln.


George Clooney and the Green Mission

He became the cover model for the first green issue in Vanity Fair magazine with Julia Roberts, Al Gore, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. together with all these Hollywood celebrities, their contribution to the green movement is summarized in this edition of the magazine.


In connection with its role of winning the award at Syriana, Clooney launched Oil Change which is a campaign to abandon US dependence on imported oil. The campaign also seeks to educate Americans on the issue of oil. Clooney emphasized that “If you do a film about oil consumption and corruption, you can’t just talk, you really need to walk the talk.”


In addition, he was often seen and drove around with an electric Tango car. He switched his BMW to Tango and became the first American to buy the Tango car.


George Clooney And His Humanitarian Mission

Clooney is also very active to help humanity and always “walk the talk” in environmental and humanitarian issues, and one of the most generous donator. He is known for contributing to the homeless, donating $ 25,000 to the author during the 2007 strike and is a supporter of the ONE campaign to support Bono in fighting poverty. Clooney is also on the Supervisory Board for the United Way.


Clooney supports “realizing the dream” program, an organization that continues the work of Dr. and Mrs. King in fighting poverty and injustice, in their charity auction. He donated “the afternoon with him” at Premiere Ocean’s 13, including attending a private party after the event.


One of the problems closest to his heart is his mission to stop the atrocities of human rights that have taken place in the Darfur region of Sudan. In addition to personally visiting the area and talking to the victims, Clooney is the founder of Not On Our Watch with 11 of his star colleagues at Ocean, with a clear aim to stop the genocide that occurred in Darfur.


Clooney’s has donated millions of dollars to help those who suffer in the region that is mostly funded through the United Nations World Food Program.


Clooney has also proven his love for humanity by visiting the Nuba Mountains with the Enough Project to document the atrocities committed by the Sudanese government on its own people. Clooney testified about this issue before the US Senate Committee, a few days before being arrested at the Sudanese embassy in DC. The environmental and social movement done by Clooney both in the form of his concern for the environment and humanity is very inspiring and apply to all of us.


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