Gucci ArtLab is a newly launched lab for the center of creativity, workmanship & sustainability. The new place is a futuristic industrial center and experimentation for items made of leather and footwear.


This place is in the area of ​​Casellina not far from the center of Florence, precisely on Via Delle Nazioni Unite, 1, 50018 Scandicci Florence, Italy. The first thing in the history to have leather and footwear in one roof.


The Leather and footwear industry has contributed more than 70 percent of total revenue for Gucci for 2017. With the lab under one roof, there will be a place to share competencies and best practices.


Labs headquarters in Casellina started actively since early 2018. Now Gucci has officially launched ArtLab, a center for creativity, crafts and sustainable innovation covering 37,000 square meters.


This lab has 800 staff and will be a center for product development and laboratory testing with prototypes. In addition, this place also conducts sampling activities for leather goods, new materials, metal hardware, and packaging.


Gucci ArtLab and Dream of Alessandro Michele

This lab center will further put into action of the bold vision of Alessandro Michele’s Creative Director by developing future Gucci products that will be sought and help meet the high demand for Gucci goods.


The demand for Gucci product has increased every year, almost doubling in the last three years since Michele’s appointed as Gucci’s creative director. Obviously, this is not a clinical lab, as is generally plain white or other pale colors.


The outer walls of the building are hand painted and display artwork by young talents who recently worked with 7 artists: Coco Capitan, Thai Phannapast Taychamaythakool illustrator, Helen Downie or better known as Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Ignasi Monreal Angelica Hicks, and Trouble Andrew are phenomenal with the Gucci Ghost series.


The establishment of Gucci ArtLab is clearly one of the most remarkable achievements of the Gucci journey that has taken place in the last three years, and one of the most significant industrial investments currently in Italy.


Gucci ArtLab Contains Creative Artists

This lab is proof of the confidence of creative artists in innovating also in technology including in the field of sustainability. Gucci feels blessed and thanking all those who have realized this dream and also to all colleagues in the fashion industry who have been so visionary in absorbing new ideas from best practices around the world. The main goal is to further strengthen Gucci to become one of the world fashion leaders who also care about sustainability.


This ArtLab is a perfect expression of the corporate culture that they have built and nurtured from the past. This is a real expression of a place to learn skills and techniques and workshops to generate ideas. Gucci believes that ideas are the source of cultural life.


Although it was only opened a few months ago in 2018, this year has been an important year for Gucci and its legacy for Florence with the opening of the Gucci Garden in January, in Piazza Signoria.


In addition, the opening of its historical headquarters in Casellina has begun a progressive transformation to strengthen its industry. The opening of artLab is proof of Gucci’s commitment to being more serious in the fashion sustainability after announcing that they will be fur-free for some of their line starting in October 2018. Congratulations on continuing your green mission, Gucci ArtLab.


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