Discussing Stella McCartney new collection is always interesting. You can always count on two things from McCartney’s fashion show: colorful clothes, fun-to-wear, and lessons in a sustainable fashion world.


Before yesterday’s Spring 2019 event in Paris, McCartney took Vogue to see the process firsthand and went straight backstage to see pastel-colored bubble dresses, denim tie-dyed and Lurex evening dresses in her collection.


The collection consists of pieces that do not actually shout “environmentally friendly” mode. That is the point. She does not want to look like organic material which might not look stylish and trendy. She always tries to challenge the second most dangerous industry in the world to remain environmentally friendly, but at the same time, the collection remains fashionable so that it can be lifted in high-performance events such as Paris Fashion Week.


Stella McCartney New Collection for 2019

The ethos is translated into bright colors, soft silhouettes, and funny new pieces of the application. She said that this collection is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. But simultaneously the style is very youthful, so it can be used by millennials because it reflects freshness in the new collection.


McCartney also said that the colors used in sewing look very soft and full of relaxed nuances that will definitely feel fresh for McCartney fans not only those who are young but of all ages including those who are mature.


In the performance, Claire Bergkamp, director of brand preservation, also distributed Instagram posts about all their new ongoing efforts for Spring 2019. The collection includes denim and organic shirt, viscose that can be traced back to the manufacturing process and of course very sustainable or environmentally friendly. Many fabric materials are made from natural wood pulp.


Likewise, with an organic cotton canvas bag, Econyl has regenerated nylon; and organic cotton sourced and taken and stored in keloka directly from the farms of women in Egypt.


“When I started my brand 20 years ago, I thought I was the strangest type of person in the room.” McCartney joked when she said her statement. But for her, to be a strange person in the neighborhood was a punk rock so she didn’t mind that she looks weird.


Several other Paris designers have begun to add sustainable fabric and technology to their collections, following in McCartney’s footsteps who have pioneered this sustainable design twenty years ago.


Trashion bag is one of Stella McCartney new collection

Besides clothes, she also launched a collection of bags that are environmentally friendly. In her recent show, she came up with a collection with the title “trash bag” that taken from recyclable trash. In addition to the brand logo, the collection also mentions that the bag is made from low-density polyethylene which can be recycled.


McCartney informed that many of the present collections are unique and charming but contain plastic. Her production is not made of plastic and can be recycled so as to send a message that each of the product has an impact on the environment and the earth.


Fashion show invitations sent to fans as well as fashion journalists have been completely digital since 2017 and this is a movement in the right direction. As announced recently that also she has worked with one of the luxury online retailers Real Real to encourage the sale of preloved goods. The purpose of this is so that they can be used again by users who want to collect it but not necessarily that the product is from Stella McCartney new collection.


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