The year 2018 will end and fashion observers have predicted the trend of necklace accessories in the upcoming 2019. What accessories are the most popular? Of course, it is a necklace.


Beaded necklaces, chokers and various lengths and sizes of necklaces that you can choose depending on the type of dress and your taste. There are lots of options to choose from. But why are they so popular? I think this is an important question and especially for jewelry designers and accessories.


This is because a necklace is a piece of jewelry that can fit into any atmosphere and style of clothing, especially nowadays even choker can be matched with matching formal clothes for business style. Natural necklaces like horn necklaces can even be matched with any matching clothes and atmosphere. Then what necklace will be a trend in 2019?


Necklace Trend in 2019

  1. Choker

How often do we hear from people that they are bored with choker, and this trendy necklace must remain in the 90s? But it is an accessory that gives way to a new trend. At present, modified chokers have more styles and suitable to be used even at night events and not only for daily activities.

The model will still be tightly attached to the neck, but now the size has become wider so before spring or summer 2019 we should have got at least one new choker necklace.


Choker necklaces made of wideband or mixed with metal, chains, or genuine leather will look attractive. Wearing gems also makes it possible to fit in with any outfit. But it is important not to overdo the glamorous side of this style.


For example, when wearing sports clothes for sightseeing, you can wear a choker made from comfortable material like a rope or leather. Other choker materials, such as lace choker with a few stones and pendants will be a great choice of accessories for holidays or parties, but not suitable for sports.

necklace trend


Necklace Trend in 2019

  1. Gothic Chic

Gothic chic is a decorative trend that is a result of the influence of punk and grunge culture. Maybe, in the 90s a necklace like that appeared in a monochrome style. Now luxury brands have begun to incorporate Gothic chic style into more luxury looks.


Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele is one of them. He combines several palettes in the same picture. The main colors of the collection are black, pink, white and green. All with the touch of Gothic chic impressions such as necklaces in the form of crosses, bright neon socks, high gloves, black and white glasses, and thick wigs.

necklace trend


3.Pendant with symbolic meaning

Small size pendant necklaces are again used by a woman who likes simple styles but still use symbolic designs. One of them is the Christian Dior luxury brand with chain-shaped jewelry necklace collection that should appear in your jewelry box because it is the trend of necklace accessories in 2019.


necklace trend

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