Ramada Eco Beach Resort is one of the most amazing destinations in the world. This resort has won various eco resort awards. The location is in between the pristine and unspoiled Kimberley neighborhood, only about an hour’s drive south from Broome, Western Australia.


This eco-friendly resort offers a row of bushes and Kimberley beaches that perfectly emblazon its beauty. Visitors who stay there will feel the experience of being in the unique and unforgettable nature while giving minimal impact on the environment surrounding when traveling.


There are 25 wonderfully beautiful accommodations, including the tastefully furnished Eco Villas. The entire villa is connected with over 1 km of the elevated wooden sidewalk and there are also 30 Eco Tents in luxurious safari style. The Beach Houses are also available for larger groups of guests. The accommodation is a seaside house equipped with all-around facilities and a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.


A variety of activities that blend nature with guests can give them unique experiences, such as seeing whales (seasonal), walking in nature, playing kayaking, seeing the birds, and fishing activities at sea or other fishing games for rent.


There is also Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat which can be the perfect place to relax and free daily yoga at the soothing seafront location. Treatments and massages at Day Spa, relaxing in the fascinating infinity pool, or simply enjoying the hammocks on the beach further enhance the leisure activities of the guests.


All accommodation available at Ramada Eco Beach Resort is environmentally friendly, not to mention the restaurant. Serving Indian Ocean views, Jack’s Bar & Restaurant offers gourmet cuisine and an extensive wine and cocktail list. The menu provided a focus on local produce with fresh fruit and vegetables from its own organic garden.


Jack’s Creek, a beach that is rich in marine life and flora and fauna are magnificent and diverse. This beach complements the beauty of the Ramada Eco Beach Resort that provides a paradise for nesting turtles while migrating whales playing off the coast.


Ramada Eco Beach Resort can be a very calming hideaway. To minimize the impact of their tourism on the environment, they contribute to the conservation of wildlife. The best example of implementation they apply is the use of renewable energy.


The villas at the lodge use solar power and always meet their own needs. As any excess power generated will be routed to the Eco Beach power grid and can be used if needed.


Reducing water consumption is the main target of Ramada Eco Beach Resort because it is located in a remote location. The wastewater generated will be recycled by using it to water the unfolded lands. All toilets, sink faucet, and shower uses low flow.


To reduce water demand for irrigation, the resort managers work with plants and servicing tents and villas are only done every three days to save the use of water needed during cleaning.


The design of the Eco-Tent building designed to have minimal impact on the environment by ensuring maximum ventilation and air circulation, so there is no need for AC. The connecting lanes of the villas use wooden sidewalks made of Eco Decking to help minimize the environmental impact.


The resort is so nature-centered that most of the activities they offer are based on the outdoors. In addition, they also support and respect the natural environment and indigenous cultures. Their contribution to local wildlife conservation is demonstrated by sponsoring and assisting Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). In collaboration with Naturewise Ecoescapes (CVA nonprofit tour organizer), Ramada Eco Beach Resort hosts the Eco Beach Turtle Monitoring Program, which is an initiative of Wild Futures.


Through the program, guests can play an active role in monitoring the local Flatback Turtle population during their travels. Thanks to its efforts on nature conservation, Ramada Eco Beach Resort gets praised for its best practice features applied to reduce their ecological footprint. What is done by Ramada Eco Beach Resort is, of course, need to be emulated by other resort keeper business so that earth can gradually free from pollution.


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