Marine Serre is a French designer who was born on December 13, 1991, at Brive-la-Gaillarde, one of the small villages located in southwest France. She is the winner of the LVMH award and gets a prize of 300,000 Euros and mentorship. She won the prize thanks to her phenomenal debut to celebrate her graduation event which was named “Radical Call For Love” in 2016. This event besides winning the award also attracted international stores such as The Broken Arm and Dover Street Market to display the design in their shop.


After graduating from her study from La Cambre mode la Brussels in Belgium, she then worked in Paris as a designer for Balenciaga while also working for her own brand. Previously she had done an internship in several famous designers such as Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, Matthieu Blazy at Maison Margiela and Raf Simons at Christian Dior.


“I don’t want to make clothes that will be thrown away in two years,” Marine Serre told Suzy Menkes. She saw so many clothes being wasted in the trash today because of that, therefore, her extraordinary eco dress was patched from a vintage scarf sourced from a warehouse in France. The clothes and material of the wetsuits are recycled from used clothes.


Marine Serre and International Experience

Serre learned from a number of famous designers such as Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. She did a lot of internships throughout the summer, she worked for Alexander McQueen after that she was also an apprentice at Margiela. While in Margiela it was a very important time for her because at that time she was a little depressed about the fashion world. The designer McQueen at the time had just died, her imperfect English and a very difficult working atmosphere.


Her apprentice at Margiela in 2012 she remembers that the first thing Margiela’s team asked was to improve something, even though at first she felt why she had to do all these things, but finally, she realized that this was very good for her development. She could spare time to look at old clothes, cut them off, reconstruct from old shapes and make something new. She felt she learned a lot from the team there, from making buttons and all the people were passionate about what they were doing.


That experience gives her a lot of energy and a calm mood. Serre also learned that it was okay to ask someone to make a work of art and she had made it for couture shows like Martin Margiela. “You know, all these things seem easy and stupid, but when you’re young, it’s like: Oh, oh you can do that, actually? You begin to understand that the value of the garment is not only inexpensive fabrics but also in how to make it” said Serre. The same thing she experienced when an internship at Balenciaga where she learned a lot about design.


Marine Serre and Enchanting Unique Design

Serre’s design is able to make people fascinated because her clothes have sensual and efficient balance. The dress combines an elastic sports bra, racerback with a silk skirt and waist skirt. A pair of boots in skintight print, with the motif of the moon-crescent appearing under the expanding abaya shawl. It has smart touches without any arrogant impression. To sum up, Marine Serre has a charming design for fashion lovers, especially to those who care about the environment.


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