Gucci and the project, Gucci Equilibrium are trying to contribute in increasingly moving the pulse of the fashion industry to care more to the environment. Gucci carried out the latest initiative with the equilibrium project to further strengthen its position as a luxury fashion house that is sustainable, responsible and most desirable for women.


On the world environmental day a few months ago, this Italian fashion house launched its newest online shopping destination at This website is designed to connect the same people, planet and goals who care about the environment.


The idea of what it means to be luxurious continues to grow around the community. This initiative is part of Gucci’s mission to balance the creation of luxury fashion with a radical sustainability agenda, because its parent company continues to strive to offer the best products, made in the best way from the best ingredients but still care to about the planet and its inhabitants.


Gucci Equilibrium and Sustainability Mission

Gucci is not a company where you have to abandon your values when using the product, but where environmental awareness is enhanced, challenged and strengthened.


Gucci Equilibrium is about spreading energy and positive intentions to all those who love the Gucci brand. The new platform shares curated content that shows the stories, ideas and science behind Gucci’s work environment and social impact, while highlighting the perspectives of luxury fashion houses on some of the key issues in the industry.


Gucci’s President Marco Bizzarri said that they had sought sustainability from the past and realized that at one point their actions needed to be better understood not only inside but also outside the company. He added that we cannot save the world alone, but we have to start from small things, and there is no shortcut for that.


The website,, will be used as a communication tool for 13,000 Gucci employees to complete a new program throughout the company that allows each staff member to dedicate one percent of their working time to volunteer in the local community.


Gucci feels that these are important times when we can all play our role in helping to realize the UN Global Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.


Gucci Equilibrium and the Three Main Pillars

This launch is part of Gucci’s 10-year sustainability plan centered on three pillars, namely: environment, people and innovation. In the first pillar, he has set a target to guarantee that 95 percent of raw materials can be traced to their main origin.


The “non-scrap” program has to do with the tanner, which reduces the quantity of skin treated during the manufacturing process, following the announcement in October 2017 that they will no longer use feathers in one of their collections.


The ongoing Gucci campaign to support empowerment, diversity and inclusion of women through initiatives such as Chime for Change has been widely publicized thanks to the work of its famous founder, Salma Hayek and Beyoncé.


The second pillar of Gucci Equilibrium will focus on humans, they are one step further through their social companies, such as “I am a Sari”, which sees Gucci craftsmen teaching women from marginalized communities in Mumbai the skills to make sari.


The third highlight of “scouting, incubators, start-ups that really can change a lot of things” is an ongoing process with Gucci experimenting with 3D technology and the creation of new natural materials in the newly built ArtLab. “We are not there yet,” said Bizzarri. However, Gucci and the project of Gucci Equilibrium made a big step to get there for the creation of a sustainable environment for all of us.


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