When we hear this name “Leonardo DiCaprio” we must have thought the figure of a famous handsome Hollywood actor, brown-haired, beautiful eyes with a  charming smile.


Sure enough, this time we will discuss Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo DiCaprio is the son of an Italian-blooded couple George and Imerlin from Germany.


Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, November 11, 1974. Due to his admiration for Leonardo Da Vinci, Imerlin gave his son a name similar to his idol, Leonardo. With the full name of Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.


But please bear in mind, Leonardo’s passion not only in the world of art. He is also known as an environmental activist. According to Leonardo, environmental issues, especially global warming, are one thing that is sure to happen and it is a quite alarming problem.


In an interview, Leonardo said, “I’m one of those who obsessed with environmental issues. Nature is my greatest passion. I become more active as an environmentalist, it is a heart call “.


“Since teenagers, I’ve also been fascinated with nature, even I wanted to become a marine biologist,” said Leonardo.


Because of his concern, Leonardo often travels to various parts of the world for his mission. This even brought him to Indonesia in 2016 with his fellow actor, Adrien Brody and visited the conservation area located in Sumatra. He was real concern about the habitat of orang-utans, elephants, and other animals that continue to be colonized by human activities.


Apparently, there are many activities of Leonardo DiCaprio that related with his concern for the environment. Here are some actions Leonardo DiCaprio has done as an environmental activist.


  1. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

In 1998 Leonardo met and discussed with politicians and environmental activists Al Gore. On this discussion, Leonardo’s push into the world of environmental activists.


In 1998, he also makes the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The foundation aims to protect the natural habitat of the world’s flora and fauna. The Foundation provides campaigns to support environmental conservation.


  1. Restore Original Condition of Island

A few years ago, Leonardo bought an island, the island is called Blackadore Caye Island located in South America. He and his partner plan to build resorts on the island, but the goal is not just business alone.

Due to the deforestation of mangrove forest and erosion on the coastline, Leonardo wants to restore the environmental conditions of Blackadore Caye Island, as well as to drive the economic activities within the island.


3.United Nations Ambassador

In 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio was elected as UN peace ambassador. He is considered one of the best figures to voice a global problem.

Leonardo DiCaprio said that “Climate change is the most important issue today. This is a critical point where we see the effects of climate change happening on us “said Leonardo DiCaprio at the time.


4.Summit Tiger Recovery Plan (Tiger Recovery Plan)

In this century, the population of tigers in Russia dipped sharply, from 100,000 to 3,500 heads. And the estimated tiger population in Russia, completely erased in the next 20 years.

A number of parties intervened to help the survival of tigers. One of them is Leonardo DiCaprio, who contributed the US $ 1 million dollars in 2010.


5.Leonardo DiCaprio took to the streets for the sake of his participation in campaigning for the dangers of climate change

Leonardo DiCaprio did not hesitate to blend into the streets to shout about the dangers of climate change. In 2014, he joined together 400,000 demonstrators on the streets of Manhattan, New York City, in a peaceful action on climate change.


National Geographic Enric Sala mentions that Leonardo DiCaprio is a man of great influence in his campaign on climate change.


“He has a mouthpiece that no other human being has, he is respected, praised, and has influenced all over the world, whether public to the head of state, what he says people will listen to,” Sala said.


6.Traces of Carbon Neutral

Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to become a resident with a carbon neutral footprint. That is, carbon dioxide emissions are abandoned from Leonardo DiCaprio’s activities. It releases 11 tons of carbon dioxide per year by planting trees and cooperating with Future Forests companies.


With an almost perfect figure, coupled with a true environmentalist attitude, Leonardo DiCaprio should be a good example for those of you who want to participate in protecting the environment. We only get one planet.Planet earth.


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