Laurie David was born on March 22, 1958, on Long Island, New York, United States. She became more famous in 2006 with her movie entitled An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy award. This movie received international recognition because it has increasing global awareness of climate change and for re-energizing environmental movements.


She served as a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council, founder of Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and the creator of the film titled Earth to America !, a film that increases environmental awareness by presenting through a comedy side.


David was heavily involved in public education and advocacy campaigns and was involved in lobbying the automotive industry and Congress to improve fuel efficiency standards for vehicles with her creation of the Detroit Project. David really cares in the environmental movement and has utilized its unique position in the entertainment industry to promote and raise awareness of global environmental issues, strengthen participation and environmental accessibility.


Collaboration between Laurie David and Al Gore

“Everyone must see their own footsteps and do the best they can. It’s not about being perfect but it’s all about doing something said David. Shocked at the findings of a slideshow from Al Gore, now famous for Hollywood fundraising, she approached the former vice president of the United States to make a movie that would convey her message to the world. What started as an advocacy project became a global phenomenon when the eyes of the whole world are open to human-triggered environmental disasters that we now call climate change.


The documentary changed everything. Not only does it wake people up, but makes those who see the film gasp and become more aware of the climate change that is happening around us. Like thousands of other people, it is certainly painful to witness an unbearable feeling of hopelessness. Melting ice, starving polar bears, tsunamis and landslides are the future we will face.


Through tears and heartbreaking pressure, there are more join the Al Gore’s call that between rejection and despair there was an action. David is the type of person who wakes up every day with a very clear purpose. Regardless of the size of the subject, she is engaged in her work today, her journey began as a manager of comedy talent, where she met her husband for 14 years, the comic genius Larry David.


After two children, Seinfeld and the destruction of her marriage, Laurie David spent her time campaigning and revealing many unpleasant truths ranging from corporate greed to corruption and crime, she always pursued stories that would make a difference and have a profound impact on all viewers.


The Solution Suggested by Laurie David

Apart from various world problems, Laurie said that the solution was “not everything is on someone’s shoulder.” Through the actions taken by Laurie David, we are all reminded that all must do their part and contribute to society and the planet. In addition, we also have to carve out a life full of love, joy, and beauty. In the end, what do we stand for? Surely for this beloved planet.


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