La Textilerie is a shopping place located in Paris that offers a new look to your wardrobe. When you come to shop or take part in workshops held at the venue, you will rediscover fashion from an environmentally friendly perspective.


In this place, you will be told how to consume environmentally friendly and we find a solution to limit our carbon footprint to the environment. Both clothing stores, thrift stores, workshops, and even cafes all contained within this place, La Textilerie raises awareness so you know how beautiful the more ethical and environmentally friendly fashion is.


La Textilerie Introduces Recycling Concepts to Customers

In this place, there is an area called Recyclerie which is a recycling area where you can give your old clothes, even if the clothes have been damaged. The only thing they want is for the clothes to be clean and dry and they will recycle the clothes. According to their country, the clothes will be sold again at very low prices or reused during workshops or by designers or fully recycled. However, there is no room for waste.


You can also buy used clothes or find eco-friendly and ethical designers such as La Tête Dans les Nuages ​​and ultra-design ottomans, or Estime Modes made by employees of rehabilitation workshops in this place.


But we are our best supporters. So, if you want, you can enjoy the store area or Mercerie to buy fabrics per meter but this is not rags. Denim, poplin and even gabardine are all organic and GOTS certified, cultivated in India or in Turkey and then woven in Turkey or in Europe. But if you don’t really like DIY or do it yourself and that is frustrating, you can enjoy stitching training to help you learn how to do it and its available for all classes.


La Textilerie For All Eco Purposes

In the end, if in the midst of this activity, you feel the need to rest, you can enjoy Café de la Textilerie which has a reading corner and you can relax on a very comfortable sofa. The entire 130m2 room is ready for you.


This shop promotes increased awareness of the textile industry while adopting a sustainable approach. You can visit boutiques to buy textiles that are responsible and caring for the environment, looking for used clothing items to original designer clothes. You can also use the professional equipment that you want if you want to fix a torn jean or work on a design project. All the equipment is here.


If you are interested in visiting, here is the address of the store:

La Textilerie

22 Rue du Château Landon

75010 Paris 10

Access to that is by using Louis Blanc Métro (ligne 7)

Or you can go directly to their official website,


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