Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana is one of the younger generations who cares about the environment. As we know, more of environmental problems must be faced by humans. Starting from natural disasters to disasters that arise due to human negligence itself. Along with the development of the times, the ability of humans to have an attitude of love for the environment also diminishes.


This happens because people today are more concerned with the development of modern technology and culture, rather than thinking about how to prevent environmental damage such as floods and landslides. Although it seems trivial, having empathy for the surrounding environment is something that must be owned by everyone.


In order for the environment to deteriorate not to be destroyed, as parents, teachers, and adults, we are obliged to protect the environment so that our children and grandchildren will still be able to see the beautiful environment. The song of the birds is still heard and the blue sky and the green of the mountain remain charming in the heart if we take care of our environment.

One effort that can be done is by instilling an attitude of love for the environment to children from an early age. Why children? Because they are like blank white paper and still innocent. If since childhood they have been taught good things such as the importance of protecting the environment when they grow up, children will become someone who is useful.


If from a young age we have instilled an attitude to care about what pollution means and its impact on the surrounding environment, it is possible as adults they will participate in saving the environment that previously could not be saved because of negligence and ignorance of our current generation.


Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana is A young Environmental Hero

This girl who was born in Eugene, Oregon, United States has a high concern for the environment. Kelsey is currently the main plaintiff against the federal lawsuit filed by Our Children’s Trust, which was filed against the Eugene Federal courthouse, known as Juliana vs. United States Government.


“We argue that the 5th amendment rights for the younger generation to live, freedom and property and irrevocable rights to clean natural resources such as water and air are violated through actions taken by our government. They continue to take in funding and promote excessive fossil fuels which contribute to climate instability and endanger the security and future of young people and violate our rights,” Kelsey stressed.


Kelsey began her activities a few days early, organizing and leading a parade around Eugene, Oregon for the national day of action when she was in fifth grade in 2007, eleven years ago.


“In the past few years we have had an emergency in Oregon because of the dry season and every year there will be hotter temperatures. We see how climate change has impacted in five years since filing a lawsuit for climate recovery in Oregon and seeing how little those who hold political power have been put in place has made me disappointed and concerned about the integrity of our democratic system for the planet, “Kelsey continued.


Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana and Environment

She invites young people always taking creative opportunities to raise awareness. She invites to stop global warming or we all can die in vain. She sings the yel in cheerleader outfits outside the University of Oregon soccer stadium on ESPN GameDay and has been interviewed by CNN, PBS, The Atlantic, and other national media.


Some people don’t think too much about the millennial generation and the younger generation. They call us entitled, have encouragement and ambition. Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana said that they have the right to have constitutional rights to life, freedom and upheld property rights and a climate justice movement led by young people.


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