Kate Middleton is one of the most fashionable and elegant women in the world. Her polite, graceful and elegant but still stylish makes her a role model for many women around the world. Not only that, the other uniqueness is her recycle style or reuse the same clothes on other occasions.


This makes not only ordinary women who idolize Kate’s fashion style, but even some celebrities are also starting to follow the wife of Prince William by start reusing the same clothes again and again.


Kate Middleton and Red Carpet Gown

Not only in everyday life but she also wears her dress on the red carpet event which normally artists never reuse the same dress on other red carpet shows. The Duchess of Cambridge continued to wear the same clothes when she attended the Tusk Conservation Awards in London a few weeks ago. She looks very elegant wearing a shirt made of teal chiffon with lace from Jenny Packham that she has worn that already six years ago to concerts that marking a countdown at the London Olympics.


Kate even recycles her accessories, wearing Jimmy Choo sandals and chandelier earrings borrowed from the Queen’s collection. One might ask why repeating a dress is still something to be praised for.


The Duchess of Cambridge initially commissioned Packham to make a version of her Aspen wedding dress for the May 2012 Olympic celebration. The corset with Swarovski crystals and buttoned skirts with crystal and flower jewelry were all reworked in brilliant blue-green colors.


Sustainable style slowly becomes an inevitable conversation, and she was one of the pioneers who reused clothes on the red carpet. Her “recycles” dresses that look fashionable is a step that needs to be welcomed.


Kate Middleton and The Tusk Conservation Awards

The Tusk Conservation Awards, in collaboration with Investec Asset Management, provide an opportunity to celebrate the people who are of outstanding merit but their work and life may not be considered outside their work area. Their work related to wildlife and communities in Africa to protects the future for all of us.


Those people protect vulnerable animals, one of that is African lions that now occupy less than 1.1% of the total population, with a global population below 25,000 still remaining in the wild. Another example, a black rhinoceros that has existed on earth for 50 million years. At present, there are fewer than 5 thousand species of black rhinos left.


Prince William, commonly called the Duke of Cambridge, said, “This award means a lot to me personally, playing a big role in our mission to preserve African wildlife that is valuable to the people. It is important that we acknowledge the dedication of the heroes and the courage of the forest guards to risk their lives, day and night, at the forefront of conservation. ”


The Tusk Award winners in 2018 are:

Pete Morkel as the winner of Prince William Award for Conservation, Vincent Opyene as a Tusk Award winner for conservation in Africa and

Julius Obwona for the winner of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award.


The Tusk Award winners were invited at the gala ceremony at the Banqueting Hall in London on November 8 and they were able to meet directly with Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate Middleton.


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