Karl Otto Lagerfeld or better known as Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany on September 10, 1933, is one of the most legendary designers. He died yesterday on February 19, 2019, at the age of 85 years old.


Since he was a child he had love reading and drawing and when he turned six, he told himself that he would become a famous person. Lagerfeld himself grew up in an established family because his father, Otto Lagerfeld, was a successful cow milk businessman in his country.


At the age of 14, he began his career in the fashion industry and when he was a teenager he moved to Paris from Germany. After two years of living in Paris, he joined into the design competition and won first place in the coat category. In 1955 Lagerfeld worked as assistant designer Pierre Balmain shortly after winning the fashion competition.

Lagerfeld designed his first fashion collection in 1958 while working for the Jean Patou label but at that time his collection was underestimated by people around. Similarly, in 1960, he received a negative response when making a mini skirt design which he said represented the spirit of the youth at that time.


This did not prevent him, even Gaby Aghion, the founder of Chloe’s fashion label, recruited him because at that time she needed the vision of young people so that Chloe’s design was not outdated. “He is smart and likes art. When other designers gave me 2 design options, Karl offered 20 options a day, “said Aghion. This work ethic makes Lagerfeld able to get a job in a number of top fashion labels.


Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Fashion Label

However, the real challenge came when he was asked to become the creative director of Chanel, a fashion label that almost sank in the 1980s. Thanks to his generosity he finally managed to make a phenomenal design by correcting the lack of Coco Chanel who refused to adjust to the times. “Chanel needs something more brave design.” In the first collection released in 1983, he accented the chain on a belt, made a fashion collar that was low and wide, and added detail to the skirt.


Karl Lagerfeld and Environmental Friendly Design

Another creative idea when he released the Chanel collection in the Paris Haute Couture which focused on the concept of being environmentally friendly. The climate change conference held in Paris at the end of 2016 inspired him to hold a fashion show with an environmentally friendly concept. The Grand Palais was designed to feature a Norwegian-style wooden house consisting of two floors, surrounded by a stretch of the soft green geometric garden with fresh shades made of native grass.


“Sometimes people need things that are a little unique to blend with nature,” Karl Lagerfeld said. The concept of nature presented and eco-friendly clothing make the fashion show with the biggest eco-friendly concept in the world. “Recycling is a good idea. “All collections displayed on the runway this time are also recycled,” said the Lagerfeld spokesman.


Lagerfeld chose wood leather material for the mosaic in a long vest and was worn in a satin silver blouse and tweed skirt that fit to form the body. Karl also uses shells that are layered to the bottom of the skirt. The models on the catwalk are wearing cork-based shoes.


Actually, he used the environmentally friendly concept in 2013 when he displayed the spring collection. At that time the catwalk was arranged full of large wind turbines which continued to spin and the runway was changed like a solar panel. It is truly an amazingly creative idea that always gives a touch of luxury behind the eco-friendly concept. Now, this fashion legend passed away. Thank you, Karl Lagerfeld, for all the amazing work you have provided to the world of fashion industry.


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