Eco friendly gifts have been in great demand for people in special moments with their families or relatives. Everyone would want the best for the people closest to them, as well as the rewards that will be given to them.


When thinking of what gift to give, it is important to consider the effect of the product being used. We need to be careful about choosing products because many of them are cunning, using harsh chemicals or even toxic to make the goods the cheapest way and ignore the safety and health of their customers, as well as putting aside the impact on the planet.


Therefore, buying sustainable and eco-friendly products for gifts can be a solution to consumers’ anxieties about the dangers of using toxic chemicals. Although sometimes there are eco-friendly products that are expensive, apparently it does not become an obstacle. Millennial generations today are willing to spend their money deeply to pay for a sustainable product.


Despite being born in one of the most difficult economic climates in the last 100 years, several studies have found that millennials are constantly willing to pay extra for sustainable goods. Comparison of almost three out of 4 respondents chose to pay more for the environmentally friendly products.


Definition of Eco friendly gifts

“Eco-friendly gifts” are products given to others as gifts, but they are harmless to the environment. That is a brief description of the term because in fact there are many factors of something called “harmful to the environment”.


Things that can negatively affect the environment can also be categorized as harmful to the environment. There are many benefits to be gained from eco-friendly products, in addition to being centered on the health and well-being of the earth, these products are also beneficial to the health and well-being of the people who wear them.


Eco Friendly Gifts are the Right Choice

Price is now no longer an important issue when deciding to buy an item. Based on the National Retail Federation study, Americans can spend $ 3.9 billion to buy jewelry as a gift on Valentine’s Day. That is regardless of the impact of the purchased product.


However, people are now more aware of what it uses. The Millennium generation (people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s) is now more critical of the origin of the goods they buy: where the raw materials come from, how the manufacturing process is, and what impact it has on the environment. Instead of pricing, they are much more concerned about the impact their purchases make on the world around them.


Based on a survey conducted Dr. Wendy Patrick, professor of business ethics at San Diego University who regularly collects her students and surveys about whether they will pay more for eco-friendly products, the answer the majority of them is affirming.


It becomes a proof that consumers’ concerns are constantly increasing on issues that involve the environment. Therefore, they prefer eco-friendly products even though the price is more expensive even compared to regular products.


Although eco-friendly products appear to be more expensive, they can be used in the long run so they are actually more cost-effective. The durability of eco-friendly products tends to be longer because they are usually made from recycled materials and are not easily damaged.


In addition to more efficient, environmentally friendly products are also beneficial to human health and the earth. Environmentally friendly products will surely be very concerned about their production activities and their impact on the environment. Toxic materials that are often used on the ordinary products are not an environmentally friendly concern so as to reduce pollution that pollutes the earth. Materials such as plastic can be a pollutant on earth and not good for human health.


The use of items containing plastics and other harmful chemicals can cause various diseases for humans. For adults, the risks involved include diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and reproductive system disorders. As for children, these ingredients can cause early puberty, diabetes, stunt growth, and autoimmune disorders.


That’s the risk of using products that are not environmentally friendly. All eco-friendly and natural products must be safe from harmful chemicals and allow families to avoid risky additives that can cause these health problems.


That’s why people prefer to give eco-friendly products as gifts. They do not want their intention to give something that is beneficial to loved ones it is a disaster for them. With all the above considerations, choosing eco-friendly products as gifts is a great way to protect our family and relatives. Eco friendly gifts can ensure the safety of families and the planet.


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