Mark Ruffalo, full name Mark Alan Ruffalo is an American actor who was born November 22, 1967, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dozens of movies, TV programs, and stage acts that he had been starring, not only that he is also active in several environmental activities in America.


He is a mix of Italian and American descent, born to the couple Frank Ruffalo and Maria. His father works as an architect and his mother works as a hairdresser. As a teenager, Mark and his family live in Virginia, a town in the east of America. Then he and his family decided to move to San Diego, then moved back to Los Angeles.


In contrast to his three brothers Scott, Tania and Nicole who want a career as a hairstylist like his mother, Mark prefers on his own choice of being an actor. In Los Angeles, Mark wanted to explore his acting talents by taking an acting course at the Stella Adler Conservatory. There he also founded the Orpheus Theater Company, where he was a writer, director, and participated in several shows. But the show has not been able to catapult his name.


During his nine years living in Los Angeles, Mark only relied on finances by working as a bartender. In 1996, Mark began to get a small role in several movie titles.


In 2000, Mark met a famous writer named Kenneth Lonergan. Kenneth offers Mark playing on the movie “You Can Count On Me” as the sister of Laura Linney. Thanks to the film, Mark received numerous awards, such as the 2000 Academy Award, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and the Montreal World Film Festival.


This success changed Mark’s life, and he went back to starring in Hollywood movies. Not only famous in acting, Mark is also known as an environmental activist in America.


In 2011, Mark founded Water Defense. Water Defense is an organization in New York that dedicates to clean water in the world. In Water Defense, Mark invites the public to be involved in maintaining water supplies and being responsible for water pollution and maintaining water channels so that water sources, especially water needed for drinking, are not contaminated with industrial waste.


In 2015, he plays a superhero named Dr. Bruce Banner turned into a Hulk, a strong green man, tough and grumpy. In real life, Mark admits that he has an angry nature, but his anger is debating about climate change and there are still many who neglect it.


Mark hopes that young people can think logically about the adverse effects of climate change. According to Mark, we do not need superhero power to protect this earth, all we need is education and cooperation to protect the environment.


In June of the same year, Mark also held a campaign called “100%” in a park located in New York. Together with Leonardo DiCaprio, he voiced the public to focus their attention on clean energy that is easy to renew and more affordable.


In the event, Mark not only hooks Leonardo DiCaprio, but he also cooperates with the leaders in New York to make a better environment. The people who participated in the campaign were not only entertained by dancers and musicians but also provided pizza that was transported using solar-powered trucks.


Mark also told the public who participated in the campaign, that New York has been very struggling to make the most environmentally friendly country in the United States, although the predicate is still held California.


Always actively voicing environmental care, Mark hopes to give people awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. No need to start with a big thing, little things like turning off the lights when not in use, it is enough to have a positive impact on the environment, especially if done by many people. Mark Ruffalo has already directed people to protect the earth, so from now on do what we can do, better now than later.


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