Baron Beach Yogyakarta is one of the tourist attraction located in Yogyakarta, Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency. The name Baron Beach comes from a Dutch nobleman who once leaned his ship on the south coast, precisely on this beach. The nobleman is Baron Skeber so this beach is known as Baron Beach.


The location is 40 km from downtown Yogyakarta by using private vehicles, such as motorcycles or cars. The condition of the road to this attraction is quite good with the natural atmosphere is still natural. Trees that grow along the road make the air around very refreshing when inhaling. The winding road gives a distinct impression of beauty as you pass through it.


Arriving at Baron Beach, you will be served with beautiful clean beaches. This bay-shaped beach is flanked by cliffs to the west and to the east of the beach. Dark gritty brownish sand stretches wide as if calling to play with. Looks of fishing boats lined regularly on the beach add to the beauty of the beach.


Down the right or the west of this beach, you will find a source of water that flows out from under a cliff. Although the cliff distance is very close to the sea, the water coming out of the cliffs is salt water instead of fresh water. This is part of the uniqueness of Baron Beach. The water that comes out from under the cliff is flowing into a river that leads directly to the sea.


The waves on this beach are big enough to spur your adrenaline. For those who want to swim on the beach and enjoy the waves, you should always remain careful to avoid something that is not desired.


The waves that arrive as if to welcome you to swim, invite to enjoy the sea water that accidentally enters the mouth which certainly feels salty. You will always get a welcome from the waves that always invites you to play with. If you are careless while playing with the waves, the waves can knock you down.


You can swim in the flow of freshwater rivers on the beach if you want to swim safely. There you can swim calmly without worrying about the waves of the beach. Swimming while enjoying the fresh water is quite refreshing because the water stream is very clear. When you swim, fresh water is like hugging as if you do not want to be left out and make you comfortable in this river. Playing and swimming in this beach area will give an unforgettable impression because you can feel two different water and two different atmospheres.


If already satisfied by the welcome of both water and want to enjoy the beauty of Baron Beach as a whole, you can climb to the cliffs on the left or east of the beach. At the top of this cliff, there is a lighthouse consisting of 9 floors. From the top of the lighthouse, you can see and enjoy all the beautiful landscapes of the Baron Beach area.


The charm of this beach is always awake despite the crowded tourists who visit. They obey the rules to keep the environment clean and not damaging it. Baron Beach Yogyakarta is one of the unique tourist attraction and full of natural beauty. For that, we must always keep and protect the charm of this beach.


Baron Beach Baron Beach Baron Beach Baron Beach

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