There are so many artists working with their ways. Therefore it’s not applicable anymore to put every artist into one box. People used to think that all in one box, jewelry is jewelry. We already passed on that period and that one big categorize is not useful anymore. The brand that represents well on what is contemporary is Missoma with their horn necklace style. It is a brand from a British designer. The Missoma horn necklace style is focused on creating the perfect jewelry to be part of a woman’s everyday life.

Currently, contemporary jewelry describes a broad category of art or design based jewelry that is produced in the here and now, that references the body, and that is a vehicle through which the maker expresses their ideas about themselves, their art form, and the time in which they live ( Lignel 2006 ).

The most update about what is contemporary best described by Katherine Bowman. She sums up that contemporary jewelry is best defined as in the most modern style. Another sum up comes from another talented artist, Kiki.

Her quote is “trust my work. It’s a collaboration with the material, and when it’s viewed, it’s a collaboration with the world. What your work resides in between those different spaces”.

Missoma horn necklace stunning jewelry

Missoma horn necklace is beautiful jewelry

If we ask people who passer-by in the street, whether they know what the jewelry is, they will answer that yes they know it. Nowadays, people have become more aware that jewelry is an important part of the outfit. Also to show who they are by the style of the jewelry that they wear.

Jewelry becomes the object of all the makers from the gold smith to the mass produced cheaply made from plastic. Who is the real artist and who doesn’t have a right to be called as an artist? It is a matter of back to the real question again. Whether the customer wants one of a kind of jewelry that is exclusively made from a sustainable material or the material that is not eco-friendly and mass produced.

The eco material is the material that is environmentally-friendly items.The example of the brand from England is Missoma horn necklace. This Missoma is a beautiful semi fine contemporary jewelry. The naturally sustainable material that they use, will assure that the customer looks fabulous without hurting the environment.

The English brand Missoma has joined forces to produce arguably one of the most beautiful jewelry collections. It is totally not only adorable but also thinking about the environment. One of the favorite collection is the horn necklace style that is inspired by nature.

Missoma horn necklace

Missoma horn necklace’s collection

The Missoma horn necklace has a collection including gold, silver and rose gold. It is something for everyone who loves everything about contemporary jewelry. It’s about time that we added more beauty to our jewelry collection. Fashionable and loving the earth can be all done at the same time.


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