Horn pendant made from cow horn & bone has been a long time tradition in Bali. The use of this material for some people could be a unique choice because most people use metal jewelry. Cows are precious assets here in Indonesia especially Bali, and if they are taken to the market, it is to feed the population. The beauty of what happens next is using what is at hand and easily accessible, to create an income to feed their population.They are using their skills and hands to create something of value and full of art taste from waste. At the end, they waste nothing because the horn pendant can be used superbly to adorn adorable women.

The horn pendant makes the most of what would otherwise be landfill. People love it because they are providing for their families from long generations using old traditions and turning a waste product into something beautiful not only as an extra income but also for the mother nature is something to be proud of.

Horn pendant bourgogne

Horn pendant using a handmade traditional process

As you can imagine, each piece has a slightly different technique to get the desired finish.  All of that needs and required patience and high talented skills. First of all,  the horn used is by product or left over from the food industry. The horn is super long horns that can reach up to 2.5 meters from one end to the tip.

This horn is hard on the outside, round and mostly hollow on the inside. The horn comes in few colors, solid black and white creamy, mostly like the amber color and each piece is absolutely uniquely beautiful. After being collected from local butchers, the horn sits for five to six days, giving the time for muscle inside the base of the horn time to harden.

This horn is then pounded to separate and remove the muscle inside and leaving the base hollow on the inside. This horn then soaks in a cleaning solution for some time before getting it scrubbed clean. The solid tips, usually seven to ten inches long, are cut off from the hollow base to be used for smaller items including making small beads.

To make a perfectly flat horn, the larger section of the horns are cut in half and then boiled in old used oil .Once it boiled, the horn becomes softer and easier to straightened using metal tools. Leave the horn for some time until its really flat. Once the horn is flat, each piece can be cut into a shape that they like.

After that,  all the piece has to be polished and buffed until it gets the shiny glossy finish. Finally, it’s time to decide what is the designs for this horn materials.

Horn pendant cerignola

Horn pendant and why horn is so adorned by woman

Horn has unique character because there are no two pieces are ever exactly the same.In addition, this horn material is quite light to wear but highly durable. Horn pendant Is totally the best option for sustainable jewelry.

That is the reason why more and more people move towards sustainable jewelry because most of the metal is not that safe anymore for them and their youngest generation after that.All the jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and necklace sold specifically for children is required to meet safety standards, but adult jewelry is not necessary to have met the safety standards.Even though this adult jewelry can still be rubbed the wrong way by adults or children.

Therefore, if you are wearing metal, unless the jewelry that you buy come up with some foolproof way to test that the items are safe.  You’re probably better off skipping the super cheap jewelry made out of metal for your own safety.Try to use more ethical jewelry such as horn pendant to decorate your beautiful neck.

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