Women from ancient times up to now are very fond of wearing accessories, especially horn necklace accessories. Not only clothes but jewelry is worn especially on the neck also become more popular.


For people who lived in ancient times, accessories not just mere decorative items, they considered the necklace to have more meaning. First of all, because the manufacturing process is more difficult than now, all the manufacturing processes do not use machines but use hands.


Such jewelry is clearly used to provide confirmation of some of the differentiation that they come from higher groups or classes. Wood, stones, plant beads, shells, even diamonds and gold, and other high-value materials are all used in the design of necklaces.

The symbolism of the past has survived to this day in the special nature of certain types of necklaces, for example, many Christians now wear the cross as faith symbol. Such a necklace is considered to protect and help the wearer in trouble with a direct relationship with Jesus Christ, his love and sacrifice for humanity.


However, there are some who wear cross necklaces because of decorative pleasure, without attaching meanings to the symbol. This explains the various types of jewelry such as crosses that are currently available on the market. The same of other religious symbols such as Buddhist or Hindu statues.


Horn Necklace Accessories for Man and Woman

The way a woman wears a necklace is completely different from the way a man wears it, this is basically relevant to the fact that a necklace is a way to attract attention to the wearer, especially to women. The necklace is an accent of femininity, charm, elegance, and curves of the neck that are displayed in a feminine and classy manner.


The man, on the other hand, is wearing several models of necklaces that have mere decorative functions but they still send a clear message about the wearer: he is interested in good looks, trendy in style and wants to show their cool nature.


Men also wear necklaces made from horns, but the model and size look bigger and more masculine than the necklace made for women. But basically, both men and women choose to wear a necklace made from horns to show that they like a timeless model.


Horn Necklace Accessories As a Gift

Giving a necklace as a present has become a common part of socializing life, and we often have a tendency to attach some form of emotional value to it. People come to associate a piece of jewelry with the beloved given to them, and this is how mothers pass on their necklaces to their daughters and so on.


Even the most common necklaces can mean wealth to someone when it’s more than just a beautiful model. This can be seen from the material. Besides beauty, the nature of the giving will also be seen, for example when giving a necklace made of horns shows that they care about the environment and prefer a quality necklace rather than a necklace made of plastic or other material that damages the environment.


It can be concluded that horn necklace accessories are now part of everyday life that make us look trendy both for ourselves and for others, while also showing our concern for the environment.


horn necklace accessories aksesoris kalung tanduk wanita horn necklace accessories aksesoris kalung tanduk wanita

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