Charles Robert Redford, Jr. or better known as Robert Redford, is an actor who was born on August 18, 1936. In addition as an actor, this 82-year-old man is a director and film producer in the United States.


He was born in Santa Monica, California, USA. In 1954, he graduated from Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles, California and was awarded a scholarship for his skills in baseball so he could enter the University of Colorado. Afterward, Robert Redford decided to move to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to learn more about the art of painting.


His career in the movie has become even more popular since he starred in the movie All the President’s Men, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Out of Africa, The Natural, The Way We Were, The Great Gatsby and several other film titles. Besides acting as an actor, he also played behind the scenes by directing the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance, Ordinary People, Quiz Show, The Horse Whisperer, The Milagro Beanfield War, and A River Runs Through It.


Robert Redford the founder of the Sundance Film Festival

He is the founder of the Sundance film festival, a program of Sundance Institute held annually in Park City, Utah, United States. The participants reached 46,660 in 2016 two years ago,  making it the largest independent film festival in the United States. In addition to being held in January in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as at Sundance Resort, the festival is a place to create new creation from independent of American and international filmmakers.


He also campaigned The Sundance Kid for natural life in Utah, promoting solar energy and trying to influence the government in this major issue to think more about how to cope with the climate change.


Robert Redford is an avid environmentalist

For 30 years Robert Redford dedicated himself to the board of the Natural Resources Defenses Council. He also created a weekly event for 3 hours per episode on eco programming on Channel Sundance TV that he runs on.


Robert Redford is a representative of the Natural Resources Defense Council. In addition, he also opposed the Keystone pipeline (an oil pipeline system) which is owned by TransCanada Corporation which  is an American energy company based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. This TransCanada is developing and operating energy infrastructure in the United States. The company operates three core businesses: Liquid, Energy Pipes and Natural Gas Pipes.


In 2013, he was appointed to lead the anti-oil pipeline protest movement. In April 2014, Redford with Pitzer College Trustee and Pitzer College President Laura Skandera Trombley announced that colleges would release fossil fuel stocks. At that time, this higher education institution was the largest donor in the US to make this commitment.


Pitzer launched the Robert Redford Conservancy program for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College in November 2012. The Redford Conservancy aims to educate students who are the next generation to create solutions to the most challenging and urgent of sustainability. Robert Redford footsteps in maintaining the environment could inspire us to participate and contribute to protecting this beloved earth.


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