Why people love gold double horn necklace so much? If we traced back to the ancient cultures such as Mesopotamian and Egyptian, jewelry has been part of human civilization. People especially woman are in love with jewelry no matter what their religion, cultures, space and time.

Most woman have a need for jewelry but what actually is this need? If we refer to  Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the pyramid can be broken down into five ranks, from base to peak which is physiological, safety, love or belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

We could conclude that the need for jewelry ranks between esteem needs and social needs. Social needs mean the need for one to belong to a group while esteem needs pertain to someone desire for status and recognition. Jewelry is clearly not a basic need. It is not as essential as for water, food, or sex but none of those basic needs could be represented self-actualization as much as jewelry can do.

Gold double horn necklace santorini

Gold double horn necklace represent as an agent of personality

The necklace that you wear can become a part of your own exclusive signature look. Even more, it can become a part of you somehow. Necklace that you wear regularly is there for every moment of your life  and you can start to even feel not complete without your jewelry. The more you wear it , that piece of jewelry becomes less of a jewelry  and more of a part of the wearer.

The personality of each stone becomes a point of self identification. Ruby represents passion,  Amethyst means sobriety, then we might feel what the stone represents by wearing them. To become a special person we must stand out from the crowd. The rarer the jewelry that we possess, the more unique we are around the society. Indeed, for a jewelry to be valuable it only needs to be count as rare for example diamond. Living standards such as water, food, and shelter even though already fulfilled but people still seeking for a jewelry for the social status.

Why people pick jewelry to gain higher status? Why do we feel happy when seeing pretty stones and metals? It is because it has inherent value. If it is just naturally beautiful than the need for jewelry is the same with the need for nature’s beauty. But that is not the case, the jewelry has a deeper meaning than that.

Gold double horn necklace britney

Gold double horn necklace is symbolized success

The need for jewelry comes from having satisfied the basic needs for water, food, sex, shelter and so on.But the ways in which we need jewelry are always entirely symbolic. In fact, it is a polymorphism of symbolism. Jewelry symbolizes marriage, birth, wealth, sex, success, mourning and happiness. As a human especially in the woman world, there is a need to have the most beautiful things .The jewelry translate that into unspoken language that might be difficult to say in person.

It is more socially acceptable for women to express themselves through the choice of their jewelry so this is why you may see many women wearing more jewelry than men.Bear in mind there is a statement that you might never get a second chance to make a first impression. The outfit you choose, the way you up to do your hair, the tone of which you speak and the type of gold double horn necklace you wear ,all combine to make a statement about who you are.

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