The Fashion Revolution throughout the world had a positive impact on the fashion revolution include in India. The sustainability has become a step and goal for most new fashion brands that are increasingly emerging. Producing beautiful and aesthetic products is no longer enough unless the fashion industry tries to cover the carbon footprint that they made.


The fashion industry is not only responsible for adding to the level of pollution on the planet, but also because it has a negative impact on the working community. However, the narrative will experience change if fashion advocates care about the value of sustainability in the fashion industry and join in the full power of protecting the environment.


Fashion Revolution Week organized by the Indian Fashion Revolution took place last April. One of the activities that took place included the #WhoMadeYourClothes campaign took over Instagram at that time. The idea is to post selfies marking the brands that customers wear and asking about the origin of the clothes.


Fashion revolution in India

Deivee, a sustainable women’s clothing label by Milind Soman, is one of those who joined this movement by promoting Fairtrade. MARD Concert from Farhan Akhtar uses T-shirts from Soul Space – a Fairtrade certified brand from Rajalakshmi Mills Kolkata and its cotton source from Chetna Organic farmers. The Vidyashilp Academy in Bengaluru, the Fairtrade Pilot School, will also commit that all students to wear uniforms from fairtrade certified supply chains and this will make the school a step closer as the first Fairtrade school in India.


IMG Reliance together with the British Council will be the speakers at Istituto Marangoni in Mumbai. Aratrik Dev Devman and Bethany Williams will also talk about the Crafting Futures program which highlights women’s textile craftsmen from Tripura. It is clear evidence that India is getting closer to ethical consumption and responsible clothing choices. There are more Indian designers are on a mission to bring changes to the fashion industry. They hope to put people and the planet as the main focus.


Some Other Brands That Support the Fashion Revolution in India

1.No Nasties

India is a country with an agricultural economy with around 70% of its population relying on agriculture as a means of sustenance either directly or indirectly. Nonetheless, there are 12,000 farmer suicides each year due to a lack of stable income and social security. No Nasties is a brand that aims to change this bleak scenario by being ‘100% organic, 100% fairtrade clothing. They pay fair wages to farmers and also offer premiums for community development. They expressly say they do not exploit prices, do not use child labor, and avoid genetic engineering seeds and synthetic pesticides.


  1. Upasana

Upasana is a brand that strongly believes that clothing has the power to change the standard of life. They have designed special projects and worked with various communities throughout India. Varanasi Weavers is a program launched to support the weaving community in Varanasi.


Cotton is another project aimed at helping organic cotton farmers in Madurai. The brand also has a platform called Upasana – The Conscious Fashion Hub where designers, environmental activists, social workers, farmers, and students gather to discuss and find solutions to social problems and how to apply the concept of the fashion revolution in India today.


Fashion revolution in India Fashion revolution in India Fashion revolution in India Fashion revolution in India

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