Fast fashion lifestyle makes fast fashion consumers also have a tendency to thrown away fashion items they buy as fast as they buy these fast fashion clothes. Let’s leave the discussion about politics and let’s discuss things that relate to humanity from the bottom of our heart. There is no doubt that in many developing countries including Indonesia, the income between the rich and the poor is quite a high gap and these needs to be addressed.


At the same time, if we take a step back and compare ourselves globally, the privilege that many high-income people are real. This privilege for most of us is the result of being born in the right environment at the right time.


The point is if you are currently able to read this article, you are certainly quite special because you have access to a computer and internet while many people who are still in the same part of the world do not even have access to clean water such as in remote villages, whether in our country or even in neighboring countries.


The privilege here includes many things such as opportunities in terms of finance, religion, and political freedom that do not exist in other regions in several parts of the world.

The advantages of living in a place that has complete facilities and adequate finance not only gives us the opportunity to excel but instead provides an opportunity for us to live in a too fast environment.


These advantages are all around us, like the advantages in terms of food, especially how much we take and dispose of, even for excess information which makes us always holding our mobile phones.


This advantage that we want to discuss here is the fast fashion trend that is rampant everywhere, so we make excessive purchases, especially clothing and other fashion accessories.


We are certainly not the first to examine the world of “fast fashion” but we want to emphasize the perspective that those who have privileges are people who will have a negative impact on themselves and others for the planet. Whether we realize it or not, our society really has to start thinking like a global citizen and understand what is happening now.


Fast Fashion Lifestyle is Polluting the Environment

Based on a study of 2,000 women in the United Kingdom in Europe and found that on average, women only wore clothes 7 times before throwing it into the back of the closet or throwing it away.


Based on the survey, the average American throws 37 kilograms of textile waste per year. We must start thinking about environmental waste and the carbon footprint that is produced and make the workers in the fast fashion world in danger.


It is certainly clear in us how the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in 2013 in Bangladesh killed 1,130 people because workers were forced to continue working in dangerous conditions for the demands of the fast fashion lifestyle.


Fast fashion is very dangerous on so many levels of our society, not only in the environment and ultimately in our wallets. Although there are some sources say that buyers spend less of their income on clothing than a few decades ago, we still question what exactly is the total cost of ownership of cheap clothing to consumers?


Fast Fashion Lifestyle and the Environmental Impact

It is a moral obligation for all of us who are fortunate enough to live in a developing or even developed country to ensure that our decisions do not harm those who are less fortunate in the country that produces fast fashion, including in our country, Indonesia.


Start with small changes by at least recognizing what the consequences of this lifestyle industry. After all, our lifestyle is what drives the increasing demand for garments and all other fashion accessories. We as buyers have the greatest influence both as consumers. We need to be aware and make ethical decisions, because this will have effects on people locally and globally, encouraging industry, and most importantly about our consciences. We can feel the Revolution Mode are coming and we want you to be a part of it by taking the right decision so we are not affected by fast fashion lifestyle.


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