The eco vegan luggage was increasingly adore and began to make fans stop using thick and heavy leather luggages. Of course, there are some undeniable charms in the course of the early 20th century: people used to dress up for flights on Sundays wearing hats and sometimes even wearing gloves and carry large and heavy leather luggage.


But in today’s fast-paced era, everything is much different. We go to the airport to move faster and lighter, cheaper luggage, without the need to enter the over space area (unless of course if you are willing to pay extra). If it’s just cheap, these suitcases might be made from materials such as nylon or PVC that are not environmentally friendly, so you need to be more careful before buying the luggages.


The luggages can last at least a decade, and must be able to withstand the severity of the slamming even from the most careless baggage attendant. In addition, if you care about the planet, the suitcase must be made of environmentally friendly materials.


Here is a Recommended List of Eco Vegan Luggage

  1. Samsonite Eco-Nu

The world-famous American luggage manufacturer finally introduced more ethical practices with eco-Nu suitcases. The materials are durable, innovative, from recycled fabrics and used recycled plastic bottles from consumers. To further strengthen the frame of the suitcase, there is a unique wrapper frame, and the Saguaro ™ Wheel system that can spin very quickly will allow you to walk at the airport in a short time.


  1. Douchebags

The brand with a unique name was founded by Swedish ski legend Jon Olsson and Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas in 2012. The brand uses PU leather and animal-friendly glue, combining ethical practices with innovative designs. The new collection was made in collaboration with lifestyle bloggers, namely Janni Delér with trapezoidal shapes and details made of copper.


  1. Patagonia

If you talk about Patagonia, it will always be identical with environmentally friendly products not only clothes but also accessories. If you plan to adventure, the Black Hole Wheeled Duffel will answer your needs. Made from materials approved by bluesign® that are durable and weather resistant, this backpack-style bag is also equipped with a telescoping handle and lifting handle to withstand the most difficult contingencies.


Other Eco Vegan Luggage

  1. Hadaki

This brand from New Orleans focuses on eco-luxury and uses environmentally friendly materials that are free of AZO and Phthalates / DEHP, DBP, BOP and other hazardous chemicals.


  1. Bellemonde

Labels of Bellemonde suitcases approved by PETA have created a vegan leather travel bag with a vintage style that is very popular with many people. The elegance and ethics of this suitcase make it a travel choice for vegans for the life of the 21st Century Jet Set.


  1. Boita bag

If you are on a short term trip, Boita Bags will fulfill all your needs perfectly. This brand uses environmentally friendly leather that is also friendly to vegans because it is made from recycled bottles, and plant-based foam pads.


Aside from being environmentally friendly, these eco vegan luggage are also socially responsible, because they ensure that all production is carried out in a factory that is fully ethical.

eco vegan luggage


eco vegan luggage


eco vegan luggage

Samsonite Eco-Nu

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