Mawlynnong Village India is the cleanest village in India, even this village has just been recently named the second cleanest village in the world, above the Penglipuran village in Bangli, Bali. This rank is only one under the Giethoorn village in the Netherlands.


Mawlynnong Village is also known as God’s Blessing Park and of course, everyone will agree because of its cleanliness and beauty, the village deserves this title.


Mawlynnong was awarded as the Cleanest Village in Asia by Discover India in 2003. In addition to cleanliness, this village has achieved many things – for example about women’s empowerment that has been carried out well by the village officials, decision makers and the central government who also supports the program.


There are many other reasons why you need to plan a visit and explore this mystical paradise. This is the main reason why this small village deserves more visits from tourists both local and foreign.


The reason why Mawlynnong Village India is the cleanest in Asia

  1. This village is the second cleanest village in the world, even number 1 throughout Asia.

Cleanliness is a way and lifestyle in Mawlynnong Village. All houses in this village have functional toilets since 2007. In this village, there are bamboo bins scattered throughout the village, even the dried leaves that fall from the trees will immediately go into the trash.


Residents are also banned from using plastic bags as garbage containers because they have been immediately disposed of in the bamboo trash that has been provided. The visitors and the local people are also forbidden to smoke in this village because they want to maintain the cleanliness of this village from all kinds of air pollution including cigarette smoke. The regulation is actually followed and those who violate the rules need to pay a high fine.


In addition, Mawlynnong processed her own sewage which was changed from the trash that was excavated and put in the ground hole. Surrounding residents not only clean their homes, they also clean and sweep the streets in front of the house. Besides that, the culture of planting trees is part of their lifestyle too.


  1. The indigenous people of the Mawlynnong tribe has a good lifestyle

The village of Mawlynnong was mainly inhabited by the Khasi tribe, a well-known tribe who had abandoned patrilineal rules in the community. Here, the children get their mother’s family name, and wealth is passed down from mother to youngest daughter of the family.


Mawlynnong proved that women’s empowerment and their reading level were 100 percent, no one could not read in the village. Sincere hospitality is also one of the most well-known traits of the Mawlynnong natives and is felt by tourists who come to the village


Another reason why Mawlynnong Village India is the cleanest in Asia

  1. There is a unique bridge from a living roots

The Living Root Bridges at Mawlynnong has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The bridge is suspended above the river and connects from a large rubber tree with another rubber tree.


  1. Sky View tower.

This tower is 85 feet tall and made of bamboo. After reaching the top, you will enjoy stunning views and because the village is located on the India-Bangladesh border, you will be able to see the landscape of Bangladesh as well. When you are at the top of the tower, you can feel the scenery like a bird flying above the height and among the green trees.


There is a clean waterfall not far from the tower and you can do a picnic while enjoying the natural scenery around you.


  1. Epiphany Church.

This church is a major landmark and has been around for more than100 years and still holds world charm. The place looks soothing with lots of greenery and red and orange flowers blooming around and scattered beautifully in the Mawlynnong village India.


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