Jean-Michel Cousteau whose born in Toulon, May 6, 1938, is an ocean explorer from France. He is also an environmentalist, educator, and film producer. Jean-Michel Cousteau was the first son of the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau and a mother named Céline Cousteau. Jean-Michel Cousteau is a father of two children, Fabien Cousteau and Céline Cousteau.


Cousteau first dived with aqua-lung in 1945 when he was 7 years old with newly discovered SCUBA teeth on his back, Jean-Michel has been exploring the oceans. Jean-Michel has been investigating the world’s oceans aboard Alcyone and calypso for most of his life and that was not a surprise because his father is the famous ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau.


Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Future Society

Jean-Michel is the founder of the Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to continue this pioneering work as well as to honor his ancestral heritage.


The Ocean Futures Society is a non-profit marine conservation. This society also teaching and giving knowledge, therefore, it becomes an education organization. This organization has functioned as “Voice for the Ocean” by communicating in all media between people with the ocean and the importance of wise environmental policy.


Jean-Michel is a spokesman for this organization. He also serves as a fiery diplomat for the environment, with the aim of reaching the public through various educational and media programs.


Although he went to school to study architecture, he joined his father’s Cousteau Society and for twenty years he served as executive vice president before performing himself in 1993 to produce environmental films. It was all done because Cousteau and his father disagreed with the management and policy of the Union.


With what he has achieved during his lifetime, he provides exemplary public services in marine conservation through education, awareness, and diplomacy. Thanks to his services he was honored with the highest order of the civilian order of France, Chevalier de la Légion D’Honneur, Honorary Legion Knight of French President François Hollande in May 2016.


Jean-Michel has produced over 80 films and from his hard work. He received an Emmy award, a Peabody Award, a Sept d’Or, and a Cable Ace Award. Jean-Michel became a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times in 1989. His article appeared in more than sixty newspapers around the world.


His work is reaching millions of people globally through the Ocean Futures Society. Jean-Michel also keep continues to produce public service announcements, environmentally-oriented adventure programs, multi-media programs for schools, books, magazine articles, web-based marine content, newspaper columns, and public lectures.


The film project from Jean-Michel Cousteau

In 2015, Jean-Michel released his first IMAX movie, “Secret Ocean 3D”. Until now ‘Secret Ocean 3D’ continues to play in more than 50 theaters around the world. Jean-Michel’s latest feature film, “Wonders of the Sea,” reveals the complexities of our interconnected life in the ocean and shows us how we are all asked to protect the future of our planet and water.


Narrated by famous Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger and starring Jean-Michel, two grown children, Céline and Fabien and Jean-Michel team. This adventure takes viewers to beautiful locations around the world, including Fiji, California, the Sea of Cortez, the Bahamas, and the Mediterranean Sea.


To sum up,  Jean-Michel Cousteau has devoted himself and his extensive experience in communicating with people from all over the nation for more than forty years. He is doing it for his love and concern for our beloved planet. Thank you, Jean-Michel Cousteau.


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