The year 2019 has just begun so we need discussing about the list of 10 cleanest cities in the world so we will be more intrigued to protect our own environment. A cleaner environment in each city can provide a safe life with less chance of spreading the disease. It is common that people want the place around to be clean and fresh and this requires human effort to change the city to be cleaner.


Apart from government interference, it is the responsibility of each individual to maintain cleanliness in the environment around them. Every city now follows a different approach to cleaning the city and maintaining a reputation for cleanliness of their city. Some cities have even imposed fines for littering.


We must know the list of the cleanest cities in the world by 2019 to encourage ourselves to maintain cleanliness in our city.


Here is a List of The Cleanest Cities in the World 2019

  1. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is considered to be one of the busiest Norwegian cities, but they maintain the environment so that its ranking remains high in terms of cleanliness. The city is respected because of its attractive green zones, lakes and parks so it’s no wonder tourists really like to visit and enjoy entertainment every year in Oslo. The government has carried out a municipal automatic waste disposal mechanism, which applies the use of pipes and pumps to dispose of underground waste where it is eventually destroyed than used to form energy for this city.

cleanest cities in the world kota terbersih di dunia oslo



  1. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, the most beautiful and cleanest city in Australia, is famous for its humid weather and soothing environment. Brisbane is seen as a city that is well organized and safe, has all the luxury housing facilities that can be accessed by all residents. Life in Brisbane is an honor because of its extraordinary quality of life and has been recognized internationally. Even though it does not have an ocean, the city is capable of making artificial beaches located opposite the city center and this special area is named Southbank.

cleanest cities in the world kota terbersih di dunia Brisbane



List of Cleanest Cities in the World 2019

  1. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is famous as a city of flowers, so if you are on holiday in Germany and want to spend time between the green hills, this is the best place. This special city is famous for its gardens with fresh grass. Freiburg is also considered as one of the leading centers for tourists to relax. Car-free roads, environmentally friendly housing, and environmentally conscious neighbors have transformed the city as an example of a sustainable city. Residents and the government also played an important role in creating their city into a clean city.

cleanest cities in the world kota terbersih di dunia Freiburg



  1. Paris, France

Paris is the most sought after place for shopping and fashion and has been known for its cleanliness. Despite the fact that Paris is the capital of France, the city is highly valued for its well-organized traffic scheme, trash-free streets and beautiful themed parks.


Paris has everything to complete your traveling experience because tourists find this city very clean. In all corners of the city, city military forces with contemporary heavy equipment are busy every day, making the city cleaner and a more pleasant place to live. Waste grouping is done selectively in residential housing and there is even a large green tub for recycling glass. This is the list of the cleanest cities in the world 2019 part 1 and then will be discussed who ranked first as the cleanest city in the world in the next article.


cleanest cities in the world kota terbersih di dunia paris


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