Here is a list of the cleanest cities in the world 2019, there are two cities that come from Asia, namely Japan and Singapore. We hope that one day Indonesia will also be on the list.


  1. London, England

For centuries, London was famous as a beautiful and developed city of the United Kingdom. London is also famous for its clean streets and a refreshing atmosphere that makes visitors want to always come back. You can enjoy watching amusement parks, museums, social attractions and restaurants throughout your trip that will make your vacation unforgettable. London is also a leading global city in trade, art, education, fashion, entertainment, finance, media, health, research, and tourism.

cleanest cities in the world 2019 Kota Paling Bersih london



  1. Singapore

Of all cities in Asia, Singapore is considered one of the best, busiest and cleanest. Despite the fact that people here have busy lives, there are many opportunities to revive their minds throughout the night or even during holidays. Singapore is organized, clean and safe city. Basically, Singapore residents offer all the amazing experiences to as long as you live in a clean environment in this city.

cleanest cities in the world 2019 Kota Paling Bersih Singapore




List of the Cleanest Cities in the World 2019

4.Wellington, New Zealand

The city of Wellington in New Zealand is famous for its forest parks, museums, calming environments and green roads which make it the perfect destination for global tourists. The city’s population is very high, but it has never been a concern because its natural appeal has never been damaged. It is known that 33% of the population uses buses, a number that is high enough to reduce car pollution because the majority of the population uses public transportation that is environmentally friendly. In the city of New Zealand, the temperature is usually high but the wind can make the air cool enough to reduce heat.

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3.Kobe, Japan

Kobe is considered a rich and prosperous Japanese city, a very dense population and consists of various attractive tourist attractions. This Japanese city is increasingly famous for its progressive wastewater management scheme and environmentally friendly cars. Here, citizens are very disciplined in putting garbage where it should be. Kobe has an autonomous drainage system from unwanted water that can stop storms.

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List of the Cleanest Cities in the World 2019

  1. New York, United States

New York is a beautiful and clean American city, with an estimated population of 1.7 million. This special city has parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, and large shopping centers. The two main green parks and one American green restaurant are located in this city. New York is the choice of travelers to spend their time because the city is not only beautiful but also very clean. New York is located on the western edge of the Hudson River, the city also presents a tree donation program, where you can choose from shady lawns and trees, consisting of oaks, red maples, sycamore trees, and so on.

cleanest cities in the world 2019 Kota Paling Bersih New York

New York


1.Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a city that is very prominent in Finland, has hilly areas, green mountains, museums and beaches that amaze tourists. Helsinki’s population is around 7.8 million and one of the best systems is a highly developed and complex electricity mechanism that demands low energy to produce electricity. This point makes everyone believe that the government has taken a big step to make this city an environmentally friendly area for its population. Environmentally friendly cars add value to the level of cleanliness and beauty. To reduce the city’s energy into minimum consumption, this complex system has been developed to produce heat with electricity. It’s amazing so it’s no wonder Helsinki was named the 2019 cleanest city.

cleanest cities in the world 2019 Kota Paling Bersih Helsinki



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