Richard Malone, this young designer dedicates himself to sustainable fashion that is environmentally friendly. The talented Irish designer began to establish his eponymous clothing label by making clothes for requests from his personal clients who saw Richard’s design at Brown Thomas mall in Dublin.


Unlike most young designers who often only focus on selling their design products, Richard prefers the buyer. The feedback given by his client was very helpful for Richard to know the results of his work. All the process of making the product is made to be more honest and more useful.


That does not mean that the design that Richard designed is boring. The collection is actually filled with extraordinary forms, combining elements such as bags or buttons that are well positioned. The design is flattering the body, the material is also very easy to wash, can even use a washing machine.


Richard Malone Cares for the Environment

In designing a garment, Richard tends to consider the image of women and their bodies. Another remarkable feature of Richard’s design is sustainability.


Richard felt that it would not be comfortable if behind his booming business there was someone who was harmed or exploited. He collaborated with a group of female weavers in Tamil Odu, India, in making clothes using natural fabrics that were very beautiful.


They use natural dyes and a little waste of water, also keep the women away from harmful chemicals commonly used by big brand companies to get profits without regard to their effects.


In addition to the source of ethically obtained fabric, Richard and his team developed techniques for converting recycled plastics and viscose into threads and tassel. They also work with weavers on recycling marine waste.


Richard Malone’s design

This young designer grew up in Wexford, a small farming town located in southwestern Ireland. Since long ago, Richard always paid attention to social and economic matters. This man grew up in the midst of a recession but quickly learned how to make and improve things.


While studying in London, Richard began to be interested in sustainability. He realized that there had been a lot of cloth he had thrown away while making clothes. His interest in sustainability fashion increased during his time at Louis Vuitton, where he worked for a year after graduation and after winning the LVMH Grand Prix scholarship.


His success at being able to be in a large company operating in Paris was able to rearrange the compass about how many designs he wanted to make and how to make it. He also learned to understand the perception of what fashion is, what is a luxury, or what design is.


Since then Richard began his label to be a women’s clothing brand with a small collection, high artistic value, and environmental friendliness. His first debut was in London’s Fashion East in September 2015.


Richard used leftover materials in his design. His university graduation collection was made from food scraps found in his father’s warehouse after he lost his job at a building site. That kind of thing is still often done by Richard. Even the spring and summer collections of 2018 are designed using fabric made from the skin of eucalyptus trees. The fabric is as flexible as polyester but has a silk-like appearance.


Richard always returns to the views of women who might buy his works. Listening to their opinions is important to Richard because it can affect how he will design clothes or how he will show it. According to him, people buy the items not only because it is beautiful, but also functional and important to remember. That is, the side that needs to be considered when designing clothes is not only from its appearance but also its usefulness.


Such an understanding also needs to be noted by other fashion designers. Don’t just think about big profits, but also think about the uses and effects of the products. Try to make considerations as applied by Richard Malone.


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