Clare Press is an editor and writer who is very concerned about the environment and sits on the Australian advisory board for the Fashion Revolution. She was appointed by Vogue Australia as an editor on sustainability. This is the first time in the world, where the fashion magazine Vogue has created a new position dedicated to discussing sustainability.


She is one of the most respected fashion journalists in Australia, having served as magazine director from 2005 to 2009 and most recently, she held the position of fashion editor at Marie Claire Australia.


Clare Press and Wardrobe Crisis Podcast

Clare also presents Wardrobe Crisis podcast which is a digital audio event that explores fashion through the lens of sustainability, ethics, and creativity. Guests in the first series included: designer Karen Walker, Milliner Stephen Jones, creative director of Barney Simon Doonan, founder of TOMS  Blake MyCoskie, and Tim Flannery scientist.


Guests in the second series were launched on the podcast on February 14, 2018, including Kowtow’s founders Gosia Piatek, KitX designer Kit Willow, and Christopher Raeburn.


Clare is a supporter of sustainable fashion and is the author of three books namely “The Dressing Table”, the second book is “Wardrobe Crisis, How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion”. This book has been named as one of the best books in 2016 by The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. This book is so popular that it is reprinted in America in 2018 and is supported by the founder of the Fashion Revolution, Orsola de Castro.


After the two successful books, she wrote the third book, “Rise & Resist, How to change the world” and published this month in October 2018. In addition to writing, Clare also wrote in the Australian edition of Sunday Style, where the “Fwd Fash” column that reaches 3 million readers every week. Until now, she wrote a column on the Sustainable style in Daily Life magazine.


She has been a columnist for InStyle, a monthly magazine that first criticized the fashion world and began her career as a senior writer at Rolling Stone. During her career in these two decades, her writings have circulated in many magazines including AnOther, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Fashionista, Sydney Morning Herald, and many more. She also interviewed famous people such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Yvon Chouinard, Pharrell, and Katharine Hamnett.


Clare Press and Vogue Australia

Since becoming editor of sustainability in Vogue magazine, she has a role to play in creating and ensuring sustainability in the Vogue magazine. They discussed the ethical fashion news online such as Australia’s first fashion conference or designer David Jones who recently supported the Fashion Revolution.


She will be a speaker at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and will discuss the importance of transparency in the fashion world. Why it’s important for consumers and what the brand does – and can do – to improve it.


All worked together to increase the importance of transparency including world brand owners such as Paul van Zyl of Maiyet, Carry Somers of Fashion Revolution, Baptiste Carriere-Pradal who is vice president of the Sustainable Clothing Coalition, Rachel Arthur of The Current and Lars Axelsson, MD of Arket.


Clare Press hopes to increase collaboration from brand owners, fashion enthusiasts, clothing wearers in general, the media, NGOs, regulators, and activists. Collaboration is needed because the “us and them” mentality can slow everyone down.


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