The Amara swimwear brand is a luxury swimwear brand based in Tulum and this brand believe that creating sustainable and ethical products is not an option but a necessity of modern fashion. They produce Italian fabric in green energy facilities to reduce water use and carbon footprint.


Econyl is a nylon material that is regenerated sourced in partnership with The Healthy Seas Project and Lycra Xtra Life. All styles of their swimwear can be reversed because they have two sides and are designed to allow customers to mix and match with all the available colors.


The overall mission of the brand is to jointly try to maintain sustainability, namely supporting the Mexican community. Production carried out in Tulum to creates jobs with decent wages and promotes cultural exchange.


Amara Swimwear With Eco-luxe Touch

In the world of environmentally friendly fashion, many brands have executed that value in every step they do. That’s why Lisa Jackson, the creator of Amara designed a sustainable swimwear line that leads to eco-luxe. Jackson has strong faith in how we should act like humans on this planet by leaving a positive impact. She was first interested when she saw the Patagonia brand and the ethos of their brand. A brand that is beautiful, attractive and people want to be involved with brands that have positive messages. Maybe people who are interested in brands because aesthetics are not always environmentally conscious, or specifically looking for eco-friendly brands, but this is a good way to help them think differently.


The swimwear has used an Italian fabric factory from recycled material. She wants to stop producing fabrics made of new fibers and only produce recycling options if technology already exists. She felt more intrigued and concerned about the environment when she was in Tulum. She began living in a tropical environment and saw the destruction of the environment directly, seeing all businesses claiming to be environmentally friendly but did not really follow their mission.


Slowly over the past two to three years, Jackson began trying to build the most environmentally friendly brand ever. She is really careful in every process, she asks himself every step in every aspect of how to do the best for everyone involved.


Amara Swimwear and Sustainable Boutique

The next goal is to build a sustainable and green energy boutique in Tulum by raising funds in the Kickstarter campaign. The boutique will be built from used containers, run with solar power, complete with vintage decorations to reflect the sustainable values ​​of Amara. She also moved production to Tulum to help local women by creating decent jobs for people who were at the core of the community, the Maya.


Shopping bags from the store are not branded because they are intended to be used again, not something you will throw into a landfill. She wants to eliminate as much waste as possible and get rid of plastic packaging. Grocery bags can be reused to put wet bikinis on after going to the beach.


The reason she uses green energy is that there is no electricity network on Tulum beach. This gives the business two choices: You can take on a sustainable mission and use solar and wind power, or choose to use a generator. In the short term, generators are cheaper, but for the long term, they are not comparable to the destruction that the earth will experience.


A generator with the size of a car that runs in the back of the warehouse, burns continuously, making it embarrassing if the boutique uses a generator. She knew that it would not be a long-term solution because it was not in accordance with the core values ​​of the brand she was carrying. This was the promise that Lisa Jackson had with the Amara swimwear brand that she always follows and applies environmentally friendly on every step of the way.


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