Winifred Pristell is a 72-year-old woman who is a weightlifter. This woman has made the decision to stay healthy and fit. In fact, in her old age, Winifred is able to become a record holder in sports bench press and deadlift scales nationally and globally.


Winifred was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Currently, her status is a mother of 2 children, grandmother of 2 grandchildren, and grandmother of 3 great-grandchildren. From a young age, Winifred has been active in sports. However, she was no longer active and became fat and always sick.


Thanks to her daughter, her sporting spirit re-emerged when she was 48 years old. At that time Winifred began to be famous for the weight of the sport that is now a penchant. In addition, it can be used as a means to change lifestyles.


Initially, the woman with the nickname “Heavy Metal” is doing weight training just to change her weight into normal and maintain body fitness. She has not really seriously pursue the field at that time. Winifred just started to really jump in the world of lifting weights and compete competitively when she was 60 years old.


It was a time when she left the YMCA (a social movement of people) and started doing more serious exercises in Gold’s Gym. She met her weightlifting mentor, Jim Schall, former coach and weightlift teacher. The mentor has also done weightlifting on the lat age and taught in the classroom for more than 10 years.


Winifred was really thankful to her mentor because, without him, she will not be able to achieve the condition as it is today. Winifred’s first win the 10th annual Alki Bench Press and Deadlifting Championship in Seattle, Washington in August four years ago.


In the following month of the same year, Winifred managed to break the world record in its category and weight. She was 68 years old and she was able to bench press weighing 176.2 pounds. She also managed to lift a weight of 270 pounds during a deadlift.


Winifred’s victory did not necessarily make her stop. Age cannot be a barrier to Winifred’s spirit to keep learning. According to her, people do not signify one’s age. As well as a saying that everyone who stops studying is the one who is old. No matter how old she is, if she stops learning then that is the true “old” meaning.


Winifred really loves to cook. She used to fill her spare time for cooking. She prefers to spend time at home and cook her own food. She just eats outside with family and friends around.


Just a little information, Winifred has arthritis, which is inflammation of the joint structure. She often sees the pain in the soles of the feet, back, and tight and made her cannot move at all.


Miracles arose through Winifred’s determination to rise and overcome her illness. As a result, women can do this in order to continue walking on her own without using a wheelchair or being supported by others.


Therefore, Winifred always announces to her seniors not to instantly give up in a wheelchair. With proper practice, nutrition, and fitness, everyone will be able able move without a wheelchair. According to her, the goal will be in accordance with the value of the person’s determination to achieve it.


The healthy way advised by Winifred is by routinely eating healthy food (not junk food), three times a day. She also eats healthy snacks throughout the day on the sidelines of her daily exercise schedule. In addition, activities are required and do not stop doing so. It can also help maintain body performance according to Winifred Pristell.


Winifred Pristell Winifred Pristell Winifred Pristell

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