Do you want to know what’s new in the fashion world? This question is the most common question that is often asked when talking about the fashion world. After you know, you can update your clothing collection with trends worn by beautiful or Instafamous fashionistas who are dressed in all their charms.


Inspired, you dress up in urban chic, hipster, or edgy style. These options make you believe that you have your own choice in dressing, but in reality, not only you, but we are all victims of the fashion world – that the only direction that must be taken, in terms of fashion, is going forward.


So listen, rest your eyes and get information about important fashion things that open your eyes that the world of sustainable fashion is a way to protect the environment not only for all of us but also for our future generations.


The List of Sustainable Fashion Podcast

1.Wear Your Values

You can listen to the podcast channel, which is Wear Your Values, from iTunes to Stitcher. This podcast is quite ideal if you want to better understand sustainable fashion. The first episode was launched on January 30, 2019, and because it is still in its early stages, it’s good for beginners who are still learning the basics. By listening, you will be part of a fresh, sustainable fashion dialogue.


  1. Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter is a podcast about how “what we use is important”, guided by US-based Kestrel Jenkins who uses her audio space to talk about the garment industry, the surrounding social and environmental problems and how we can trigger those changes because of changes starts from the smallest circle that is you.


Kestrel is a working internship for People Tree in London, a pioneer of fair fashion trading and online garment retailers that use environmentally friendly materials. This experience led her to lead the fashion revolution where she could still be fashionable for fashion without losing her values.


Additional List of Sustainable Fashion Podcasts

  1. Pre-loved Podcast

Guided by Emily Stochl from blog owners, Brume & Daisy, Pre-Loved podcasts are podcasts for fashion lovers who care about sustainable fashion. For each of her weekly podcast shows, Emily invites guests, both vintage shopkeepers, stylists, and other beloved revolutionary styles. They are invited to talk about their love of vintage clothing and Do It Yourself fashion, how they started the fashion revolution journey and why used clothing is their first choice.


  1. Crisis Wardrobe

Clare Press is a journalist, ethical fashion advocate, and writer. Press launched her podcast, Wardrobe Crisis, in 2017 as an extension of her book “Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fashion”. Clare often invites guests from the fashion industry, from researchers to sustainable designers, and together they deal with the real problems that surround the fashion industry but concentrate more on ethical issues, sustainability, and environmental issues.


This is a list of channels about sustainable fashion podcast that you should follow and listen to, making it even easier for you to understand why we need to care more and move to a more sustainable and ethical fashion world.


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