Sugar Zeffer Flip Flops appeared to answer the high demand for environmentally friendly products. As we know lately, there are more emerging products of daily necessities are made from environmentally friendly materials. That demand due to the growth of market segments consisting of a group of people who care about nature and the survival of the surrounding environment. From the emergence of alternative choices in the form of plastic straws made of glass and aluminum as well as the reusable drinking bottles for take-home orders to keep the enviroment clean.


Not only for daily needs, for fashion problems there are more brands are emerging and raise the issue of the importance of caring for the environment. This is what makes a startup company from San Francisco, Allbirds has launched an environmentally friendly flip-flops product.


Sugar Zeffer Flip Flops are free from plastic material

Flip-flops are use for people who like a casual, simple and practical style of dress especially suitable for use in tropical countries. This type of footwear is more practical to wear when on vacation to the beach or while walking on non-formal events. Generally flip-flops on the market are made of synthetic rubber from EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) based on petroleum which has a bad impact for the environment but Allbirds flip flops are made from unique materials.


This American company based in California produces footwear that focuses on creating environmentally friendly footwear, one of which is named Sugar Zeffer. Sugar Zeffer is made from processed sugar cane. In its official website, that comes from South Brazil where the tree grows naturally and only relies on rainwater, not by using an irrigation system. In addition, the sugar cane uses fertilizer minimally. “This is a renewable source that can grow quickly and remove carbon from the atmosphere during the growth process,” explained Allbirds.


The material on the slipper is also claimed to be the first non-carbon material without EVA foam (Ethylene-vinyl Aceatet). In the manufacturing process, these flip-flops must pass several stages. First of all the sugar cane that is ready for harvest is chosen, cut, and squeezed using a squeeze machine specifically for sugar cane. Sugar cane juice then mixed with yeast until it becomes an ethanol solution. The next stage is to do heating, printing so that the flip flops with soft textured soles are ready to be marketed to the public.


Sugar Zeffer Flip Flops Supported by Leonardo Di Caprio

In the manufacturing process it also has other uses because the resulting biomass can be extracted into an energy source to move the grinding machine and to fertilize the plants to be harvested the following year. Not surprisingly, the advantages of these eco-friendly sandals attract many investors including leading Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio .


Reporting from the Forbes Allbirds page that it has outperformed the fashion market competition based on consumer demand categories, ranging from models, styles, comfort to competitive prices. This brand has proven that eco-friendly product has received a positive response in the market and is able to sell at affordable prices for all people at the price of us$35.


This sandal design looks simple but still sweet because it comes in bright colors like yellow, orange, and blue besides it also comes in neutral colors like black. Departing from the Sugar Zeffers innovation, Allbirds plans to expand outside the production of footwear such as the solar panel industry. It should be noted that in addition to Sugar Zeffer flip-flops that Allbirds also issued footwear production in the form of shoes that often used by Leonardo Di Caprio.


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