Are you a shoe lover who is looking for shoes that are suitable for the rainy season? Good news because the Rens shoes are not only waterproof but also environmental friendly. One shoe company originating from Helsinki, Finland is creating a shoe that is full of innovative because it is not only waterproof but also environmentally friendly because it is made from the world’s first coffee waste.


This shoe is made from your favorite drink, your morning fuel, now it can also be worn on your feet. Talk about putting a spring in your footsteps. These shoes are not only made from coffee but also recycled plastic. This is manipulated in such a way as to produce shoes that are comfortable, allow the feet to breathe, waterproof and certainly sustainable.


What is the Meaning of Rens Shoes?

The name of the shoe itself comes from several languages ​​which mean anything that is clean and neat to feel amazing. This shoe aims to represent positive changes in the shoe industry. Each pair consists of a mixture of coffee yarn made from used coffee grounds and recycled polyester material made with post-consumer plastic.


As for the top, inner lining, and removable soles are all made of yarn from coffee grounds. According to the company, each pair of shoes is equivalent to 21cups of coffee and six plastic bottles. It must be stressed that this material is leather-free which is endangering the survival of animals because it does not use any animal material. , “Said CEO, Jesse Tran.


Rens Shoes With AquaScreen Tech ™ Features

The shoes are also equipped with AquaScreen Tech ™ features and have a waterproof coffee-coated membrane to keep the user’s feet dry when worn through rain puddles. It also allows air circulation to remain there while maintaining 100% protection from water. Not only that, but this shoe is also resistant to odor due to its natural material from coffee.


Some unique features are also offered like other branded shoes such as anti-slip, UV resistant and very light. Each pair of shoes weighs only one pound. By carrying a slip-on design, these shoes are easily removed and worn by users and can be worn with or without socks.


Co-founder Son Chu explained, “Jesse and I are both lovers of sneakers who also care about the origin and impact of the shoes we wear. Nobody seems to have made an environmentally friendly choice for us, for our generation. So, we decided to make it ourselves. ”


With so much waste in the world today, it doesn’t make sense to use materials that are not environmentally friendly. Rens shoes are available in 8 colors. This shoe is vegan, unisex, hand-washed, and has a 1-year warranty. You can buy directly on their website and prices start at US $ 89.



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