Are you looking for a solution for shampoo, conditioner and body wash that can be recycled? Plaine Products is a brilliant brand that creates high-quality body care and hair products in packaging that can be sent back to them to be refilled. The bottle is not made of plastic, but aluminum so it is 100% recyclable.


To help stop the use of disposable plastic packaging, Plaine Products makes a new packaging system using aluminum bottles. Everything uses aluminum because it is a highly recyclable material while plastic can only be recycled once or twice, often ending up in landfills garbage for hundreds of years.


As we know, out of all the waste produced by humans, packaging waste from body care products is one of the main contributors often found in landfills. In the United States alone, shampoo bottle packaging is disposed of every year to fill 1,164 football fields that are 110 meters long and 49 meters wide.


Plaine Products by Lindsey and Alison

In response to the above conditions, these two sisters Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine created Plaine Products. An environmentally friendly body care product, free of disposable plastic packaging and carrying the principle of sustainability. This product was created starting from their dream to reduce the use of plastic in the world. They saw a large amount of plastic packaging waste in the bathroom. Finally, they came to their senses and began to think about changing these bad habits, while at the same time inviting others to contribute to reducing the production of waste from plastic packaging.


Lindsey used to work at a nonprofit company and Alison is a graduate student who has small business experience and has the expertise to control the quality of an item. “As sisters, we collaborate well and give each other a balance, which can benefit our company and customers,” Lindsey said.


Plaine Products is GMO-Free

This brand claims that the ingredients are sulfate free, toxins and free from palm oil use. Besides that, these care products are made from organic, biodegradable and free of chemical dyes. One of the main ingredients is using aloe vera plants. The use of aloe vera makes this product free of pain in the eyes so it is suitable for all types of ages including those used by children and consumers who have sensitive skin.


This body care product also does not contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which means that the natural ingredients are free from genetic engineering methods. The ingredients used are pure plant-based ingredients which are effective in nourishing naturally hair and skin.


The duo spent a year researching what natural ingredients they would use in the product while still holding on to the principle of not using chemicals. The research was carried out using a database from the Environmental Working Group to ensure that the ingredients were safe and non-toxic.


Lindsey and Alison have proven themselves that the products they market are safe products. They even have tried it on themselves, children, husbands and relatives and they have used the product. They hope that all parties can support efforts to reduce the use of single-use packaging and make a revolution to replace disposable plastic packaging and switch to Plain Products.


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