Reclaim To Wear is a method of producing beautiful clothes using the advantages of the fashion industry such as stock, remnants and off-cuts process. This was done to ensure that most surplus textiles were reused in creative ways and reintroduced into the market as new upcycled products.


This is a way to use all the fabric that is still good but is already leftover material after making a collection of designers. With all the environmental challenges we face, the fashion industry is looking for design solutions for the future. Sometimes, to be truly innovative, you must take what is best from the past and bring it to the future or the present.


They team up together with designers, shop owners, and the fashion industry to collects waste so they can put stronger environmental commitments through design innovations and the materials become new again.


This project helps identify and overtake the surplus material before it becomes waste, to model a new smart industry that works sustainably with its main partners.


Reclaim To Wear and Collaboration with Top Shop

You will be amazed after seeing the collaboration that has been done with several brands if you are looking it at Their design team has worked with Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci from Reclaim To Wear, who specializes in creating extraordinary clothing by using only the rest of the fabric from the fashion industry.


Orsola and Filippo together with the Topshop design team and Stephen Mongan, the Head of Sourcing and Technical Services have discussed the project. They also provide practical tips on how to make your own pieces of clothing that can be reclaimed by yourself.


RTW pioneers, Orsolo and Filippo at the Sri Lanka design festival a few years ago really inspired people by the way they work, which is to change the cloth that is considered as ‘waste’ into extraordinary and unique clothing.


The Design That Inspired Reclaim To Wear x Top Shop Collections

The Top Shop says they have a New York touch style, which is clean aesthetics and takes the idea of ​​the fact that the New Yorkers working with a jersey style. In addition, they were inspired by ropes and nets that they found accidentally in the basement.


According to Top Shop, the collaboration with RTW is something very pleasant and fun. Using materials that are only available in the place and trying to combine both motifs and colors is very interesting challenges. Combining all of that into a garment can produce very unique work.


Top Shop considers the rejuvenation project in clothing to be very important because it needs to respect the impact they create if the waste is not recycled to the earth. Top shop considers this is the way they can help to encourage the creation of a healthy environment.


This London-based brand was first introduced by fashion label From Somewhere, which was founded in 1997 by Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci. This Reclaim To Wear label is a pioneer in ecological fashion and is the first to collaborate with fashion houses to cut production off-cuts into captivating original creations.


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