Rakha is one of the fashion brands that respond to the increasingly adverse effects of fast fashion and try to initiate a slow fashion movement that is part of eco-fashion. In contrast to the production system carried out by fast fashion, slow fashion that they apply is an ethical manufacturing process by considering aspects of the welfare of workers and their environment.


In slow fashion production, decent salaries and fair trade are a priority in addition to the use of materials that can last longer. Natural and organic ingredients are also a choice in a slow fashion that can not be denied finally makes prices higher than products from fast fashion. Sometimes even the material is obtained from the recycling process.


Slow fashion cannot be separated from innovation. With the onslaught of information that promotes fast fashion, innovation is a fixed price to produce high-quality products without forgetting environmental and ethical issues. Regarding ethics, slow fashion also seeks to be transparent to buyers, unlike fast fashion companies that tend to hide things behind the production of their low price fashion items.


Rakha Provides Supply Chain Transparency to Consumers

Maintenance of purchased clothes is often forgotten by consumers. This is to be avoided by slow fashion movements such as the one adopted by Rakha by socializing how to care for fashion products so that garment waste can be minimized in such a way.


In addition, the socialization of this movement is also important not only for brand owners but also for various elements of society through non-profit organizations and projects. Thus, purchasing impulsive fashion products can be reduced and replaced by wise decisions to shop and choose a fashion style that is more environmentally friendly, durable, and avoids the exploitation of workers.


Rakha Is Clothing for All Seasons

Rakha, which is one of the labels of women’s clothing brands based in the UK, is very much carrying the slow fashion concept. This clothing brand is very unique because it doesn’t follow the season. Their philosophy is to make works that can be used throughout the year and from day to night. This brand mainly focuses on comfort and simplicity.


This brand manufactures in ethical conditions using environmentally friendly fabrics such as GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled fabrics, Lenzing Certified Cellulose Fiber, toxic free certified merino wool and still an affordable fashion brand. They reduce water and toxic waste by working with factories that have water treatment and are able to clean and recycle their wastewater for repeated use.


Rakha was found to create an alternative choice of fast mode and prove that ethical fashion is not only made of the boring, pale t-shirt. They aim to create a full circular supply chain by focusing on the sustainability of environmental and social aspects in the Fashion industry.


Currently, 80% of clothing is made from biodegradable materials and% 20 from recycled materials. This brand recently launched a training scheme in North London, focusing on providing clothing training for people from disadvantaged communities. The aim of this program is to enable people to be employed in their industries while making recycled products to help reduce waste.


If you are on vacation in the UK and are interested in coming to the Rakha boutique, the location is in George Crescent, Muswell Hill, London, UK N101AJ, England.


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