Eva Celia is an Indonesian actress and singer. She is the daughter of Indonesian musician Indra Lesmana and actress Sophia Latjuba who was born September 21, 1992, in Jakarta.


The beautiful woman has mixed blood of Bugis, Java, Madura, Minang, and Germany. Since childhood Eva grew up in the entertainment world, in addition to her parents who is musicians and artists, Eva is also the nephew of the renowned producer in Indonesia, Mira Lesmana.


Since the age of eight years, Eva has explored the entertainment world. Although her name was not as famous as her parents, Eva always tried to achieve popularity without any shadow of her father or mother’s name.


Although now she is active in the entertainment world, she never forgets to keep her body healthy with sports, especially yoga. She starts to like yoga from her mother when she invited  Eva to join her in a yoga class. Eva had refused and thought that yoga is only for the mature.


Arriving at the yoga class and following the class for the first time she feels there is a certain satisfaction in yoga sports. She felt calm and the body also became more fit and healthy. She also tried cross fit sport besides yoga. Cross-fit is a sport that combines two elements of aerobic and anaerobic systems with circuit training programs. However, now yoga is the thing that she loves the most.


In addition to maintaining her body’s health with yoga sports, Eva claimed to be very concerned with the environment that is now very alarming. According to her, animal farming has a major contribution to global warming because the impact is greater than the deforestation or waste of factory output.


Many people do earth campaign by riding a bicycle or car-free day but for Eva, another way that can be done is to eat less meat even for just one day is very helpful. From that, we know what the impact of food on the body, health, environment, and animals. In addition to regular exercise, Eva has been living a healthy lifestyle by being vegan, not eating meat or processed products from animals. In addition to being vegan, Eva has also not used plastic because the use of plastics is very bad for the world.


She had a valuable experience when she was doing a job in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara in 2016. She found it difficult to get clean water. There was an inner war for her, remembering when she used unlimited water at home while it lacked in other parts of Indonesia. It makes her realize and think how to take 2-3 minutes for showering instead of a long time.


Shortly after the incident, Eva immediately took part in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) campaign, aiming to help the people of Sumba by providing clean water invites people to donate as well.


Eva also said that the concern for the environment is inspired by her mother since childhood her mother is very concerned with the environmental issues that are rampant in the world. For her, millennial generation like herself is the generation that became the largest population and this generation should bring a better change in the world.


In early 2017, Eva also joined in the environmental care movement through a project entitled “Forest That Indonesia” with Musika Foresta. Eva and other Indonesian singers invite young people to love the forest in their own country through music and songs.

This concern is also seen when Eva gives a Christmas gift to her sister. She provides clothing with a sustainable fashion brand, Sukkha Citta that does not destroy nature. Eva also told her sister to always know the ingredients of any product that she will buy later because by ensuring it we have come to preserve the earth.


No matter how busy she is,  Eva always upholding a healthy lifestyle and care about the environment and more interested in becoming an environmentalist. Eva Celia expresses her gratitude to herself because until now she has survived despite the environmental concerns. Eva Celia thinks that healthy living and caring about the environment is the most important thing and be applies not to her but to all people in the world.


Eva Celia Eva Celia Eva Celia Eva Celia Eva Celia Eva Celia

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