Paris Good Fashion is a new initiative launched in January in Paris to encourage the city’s fashion industry to adopt more sustainable practices. This movement is an effort to bring together designers, brand owners, and other stakeholders to be more environmentally friendly for the next five years from now. Its long-term goal is to make Paris the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024.


Officials and participants announced the initiative at the Institut Français de la Mode in Parisa. They included Frédéric Hocquard, deputy mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, and Antoinette Guhl, a representative in charge of socio-economic and solidarity, and former fashion journalist Isabelle Lefort.


“Paris Good Fashion is an open community that regroups fashion professionals, brand owners, entrepreneurs, designers, and experts who will work together to build steps that can be taken to make Paris a sustainable capital of fashion,” Lefort said.


Paris Good Fashion Initiatives

Starting in 2014, the city’s leadership has committed to making Paris a sustainable and socially responsible city and placing economic circles as the center of new action, according to the mayor’s office. Some organizations now support the fashion sector including a boutique called La Textilerie that serves coffee, sells organic cotton and used clothing, and offers workshops in an effort to help Parisians rethink their relationship with clothing.


Fashion is a big business for Paris. The city recently published the following figures:

1.2 billion euros is spent on fashion in Paris every year

400 fashion shows per year, 50% of which are foreign brands

27 trade shows that accommodate 14,000 exhibitors, 75% of which are foreign brands

100,000 individual visitors attend fashion shows every year


The sustainability movement for Paris Good Fashion is expected to be released in June in an event with a conference, awards and fashion industry recycling campaign. The end date of this initiative coincides with the 2024 Summer Olympics scheduled to take place in Paris, France.


The Participants of Paris Good Fashion

In addition to city officials, participants in the initiative included L’Institut Français de la Mode, Theater de la Haute Couture and Mode, Eyes on Talent, Ellen McArthur Foundation, LVMH, the Galeries Lafayette and Les Ateliers de Paris.


“Our role is to encourage creativity while fighting against climate change, to continue production in France but still protect natural resources and develop our industry while looking for our craftsmen,” said Antoinette Guhl. “I hope that today marks the beginning of the collective movement in the fashion industry.”


This is certainly good news for environmentally and conscious fashion lovers. The initiative launched on January 28, Paris Good Fashion will work to make Paris, the couture house ready to use, as the international capital for new sustainable fashion by 2024.


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