The organic glow beauty lounge beauty salon is the first eco-friendly and vegan beauty salon in Saudi Arabia owned by Leena Al-Abbas. This salon was formerly known as Zen Beauty Lounge and offers treatments using vegetable products that are free of animal cruelty, free of toxins, vegan, organic & natural.


Do you spend hours ensuring that the salon you enter uses only natural ingredients without a mixture of chemicals if you need to cut your hair? Do you take care of hair with natural products at home but then have to deal with oil-based products at a hair care salon when you need fast blow-dry?

To answer all these problems just go to the Organic Glow Beauty Lounge Salon. This place was established because there are more women want to know everything that is green and organic.


Located in a bustling district, namely, at Jumeirah Village Circle in Oudah Tower, this salon strives to give their customers safe and toxin-free treatments and aims at long-term awareness to increase the dangers of using beauty products with toxic materials.


Leena Al-Abbas and Organic Glow Beauty Lounge

The founder and CEO, Leena Al-Abbas, worked in the corporate world for more than 13 years. Having had enough experience in the business world and suffering from allergic reactions from general beauty treatments offered at renowned salons, Leena decided to follow her desire to live a green and cruelty-free vegan lifestyle and combine it with beauty so that is why this eco-friendly salon was created.


Its mission is to educate women so that they know about the use of products that are non-toxic, free of cruelty and safe for everyone, especially pregnant women and cancer fighters.


“Lack of awareness around what is actually in skin care and beauty products. Many studies are conducted on the types of services we offer and the products we use. It’s important for us to show our customers that this is a lifestyle and not a trend, “Leena said.


What Makes Salon Organic Glow Beauty Lounge Different?

This salon offers treatments including toxic free nail care, organic hair removal, ammonia-free hair coloring, hair care, facial and aromatherapy massages using organic and vegan fresh fruit to plant-based masks and environmentally certified shampoos and conditioners, you will know your hair is in the right hand.


The ingredients of the brands they use are:

Brands that do not use toxic chemicals

Brands that follow strict environmental policies

Brands that have never been tested on animals

Brands that fully disclose their organic ingredients & certifications


It doesn’t stop there, Organic Glow is proud to use energy-efficient lighting, environmentally friendly towels, & cleaners from environmentally friendly materials. They also recycle their waste.


This beauty salon is open Saturday & Monday to Thursday from 10 am – 8 pm

Friday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Closed Sunday.

The location is in Oudah Tower, Jalan 13, District 14, Jumeirah Village Circle 1.


Contact number: 800 OGBL / WhatsApp 055-2341429

Address Organic Glow Beauty Lounge at Oudah Tower, Street 13, District 14, Jumeirah Village Circle.


organic glow beauty lounge organic glow beauty lounge

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