Actor Nicholas Saputra was born in Jakarta on February 24, 1984. He is one of the top actors and is known as Rangga thanks to his film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, paired with Dian Sastro who acts as Cinta. Nicholas really likes photography and traveling to explore nature. “Traveling is very good for the soul because when you travel, you will be a more open-minded person. You will realize that humans are not just one type. Culture is varied. Likewise with nature around us, “he said. That also led Nico to come into contact with conservation since 2005 shortly after the tsunami struck Aceh.


Nicholas has also been involved with The Nature Conservancy since 2008. He introduced Ruang kelas or classrooms and mobile libraries in Raja Ampat, Papua. Until now, he is actively helping forest conservation and orangutans in Indonesia. “When we go to a place, enjoy its beauty, it automatically arises feelings to protect what we see, because beauty and nature are interrelated. Conservation is important to maintain beauty so that it can be maintained continuously, “he said.


Nicholas and His Love for Elephants

Nicholas also often spends time with his favorite animal, Elephant. In his Instagram account, there are many photos of his shots that are mostly themed in nature and elephants. He has been in the elephant conservation area quite often and has been actively doing it since 2005. One of the conservation areas he has visited is Gajah Tangkahan, which is located in North Sumatra.


His love for elephants made the European Union invite him to be involved in making Save our forest Giants documentary film which aims to promote elephant protection, highlight the importance of the existence of elephants and the protection of Indonesia’s forests. Elephants can increase the risk of death for elephants and elephants like large umbrellas. If we protect elephant habitat, we can protect other animals


“About 10 years ago I traveled to Tangkahan. I heard many problems and challenges that had to be faced because of that, I felt that raising community awareness was my responsibility,” Nicholas said.


In addition to highlighting the importance of protecting forests, the film also aims to raise awareness and encourage research on the new herpes virus, EEHV which results in high mortality rates in young Asian elephants aged 1-8 years.


As we know, the elephant population is decreasing, caused by several factors, first because of elephant conflict with humans, for example, their habitat, which is forest become a village. Second, diseases and viruses.



Nicholas Saputra and His Love for Nature

Nicholas’s concern for the environment was also from the way he chose his home. He tried to apply the environmentally friendly concept to the house he built. He said that saving energy not only reduces use but also increases the effectiveness of what we use. As an architectural graduate, building a house is a very interesting thing for him.


He asked the architect to design it to make a house with saving energy and he only wants to use air conditioning at night when he sleeps. His concern for the efficient use of electricity has been inherent since childhood because his father was an electrician so he passed on his concern for electricity to his children.


As time went on, Nicholas Saputra his love to the environment has been increased. He feels traveling is increasingly raising his love for nature and animals that are almost extinct like elephants.


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