After launching shoes into space in collaboration with Nasa with Apollo 17 shoes, the Mercer Amsterdam sneaker with a W3RD silhouette (read weird ) which is their trademark making a pair of shoes made from real pineapple.


These shoes are their first vegan collection shoes because they are sourced directly from the fruit and without ingredients that damage the environment. Making these shoes work in conjunction with Piñatex and these stylish shoes use an alternative skin made from the leaves of a pineapple plant. The pineapple was chosen because it is a natural ingredient and is sustainably sourced and free from cruelty.


Mercer Amsterdam Sneaker from Alternative Materials

According to the company based in the Netherlands, this is the first luxury brand of the sneaker to use an alternative type of leather material. “We really want to focus on fruit because of the extra ‘wow’ factor. No one expected this and that made it interesting, ”said Mercer founder,  Pim Dresen.


“We have tried and tested it for a long time with mango and strawberry skin but we can’t make it. Then we found Piñatex, which offers amazing ingredients that are ready to be used, tested and we like pineapple. ”


The Story of Mercer Amsterdam Sneaker

The importance of sustainability for consumers that continues to increase, there are more companies are taking the initiative including this shoemaker company. They want to change the perception of how to be vegan in the fashion world. Spending a long time in the factory make them see and feel the need for change. People need to know that there is a good alternative as a substitute for animal skin, namely fruit skin.


Mercer Amsterdam, a brand inspired by the street style of New York City, uses the W3RD silhouette in the launch of the vegan style. The layer used for W3RD Vegan Pineapple shoes is made from a microfiber cloth called OnSteam, which gives the impression of genuine leather but this material can 100 percent breathe. This material is made from an environmental perspective because it does not use genuine leather at all or damaging chemicals in the process.


In addition, pineapple leaves used for shoe production were purchased directly from farmers in the Philippines to support the local economy there, while strengthening their exports, especially in the pineapple industry.


These pineapple leather shoes are available for preorder from March 18 to 31 on their website and sell for € 250 ($ 284). Deliveries will begin this April. Are you interested in this Mercer Amsterdam sneaker from pineapple?


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