When consumers become more aware of the origin of the products they use, in the end, there are more luxury brands who have gone fur-free. They are starting to take steps to become more sustainable in their latest collections.


Designers Stella McCartney from the UK and Kate Spade from New York have long avoided the use of fur, other designers, including Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors, have promised to stop wearing fur in the past year. In fact, this is a widespread trend so that in September 2018, London Fashion Week announces a list of all participating designers and brands who have gone for free.


2019 is the year when more fashion houses stop using fur on their products. Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Coach are just a few of the luxury labels that have participated in opposing cruelty to animals and prohibiting the use of animal fur in collections and using imitation materials as a substitute.


Last year in September 2017, the London Fashion Week exhibition became the first major fashion week in the world that no longer showed fur clothing on the catwalk. Of course, this breakthrough was welcomed by the PETA protection organization.


Here is a list of Luxury Brands Who Have Gone Fur-free

  1. Chanel

While Karl Lagerfeld said he didn’t remember ever using fur, exotic skin is prevalent in almost every collection. Ahead of the 2019 Chanel Pre-Autumn Métiers d’Art show in December last year, the brand announced that they will no longer include exotic skin in their collections include bags and ready to use accessories.



Coach is one of the recent brands that make promises not to use animal skins and announce that in October 2018 it will stop using minks, coyotes, foxes, and rabbits but this brand will continue to use shearling, mohair, and angora.


3.Stella McCartney

When she started into the world of luxury fashion, Stella McCartney was one of the first truly vegan designers. In a recent podcast for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Stella discussed further, “Let’s use technology to clean the air, and we will have the cleanest air in the city and in any store in the world.”


  1. Michael Kors

In December 2017, Michael Kors announced that his company would be fur-free in December 2018. The decision followed a June protest by very vocal people who interrupted a direct interview with Kors at the New York City Metropolitan Art Museum.


List of additional Luxury Brands Who Have Gone Fur-free


In March, Donatella Versace announced that she would no longer use fur in her design.


  1. Burberry

Burberry announced before the program in September 2018 that this brand would be fur-free. This was one of the first major steps since Riccardo Tisci took control as a creative director. Burberry says it will no longer use rabbit fur, fox, but angora, shearling, and some approved skin still in use.



In October 2017, Gucci announced it would be free from the use of animal hair. Gucci has replaced fur pieces that were previously part of their collection with a more sustainable alternative.


  1. Phillip Lim

Just before launching the Autumn 2019 collection during the New York Fashion Week, Phillip Lim announced they would no longer use exotic feathers or skins such as foxes, chinchillas, and exotic skins including pythons, crocodiles, and lizards.


  1. Jimmy Choo

After being acquired in December 2017 by Michael Kors Holdings Ltd., Jimmy Choo luxury shoes will also be included in Kors’ decision to make his company completely fur-free.

This is the list of luxury brands who have gone fur-free in 2019.


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