With tremendous strength and good inspiration, these 9 handsome yoga teachers accounts show us that positive practice, perseverance, and thoughts can produce some amazing results.

We’ve filtered Instagram depths to find the most handsome and coolest men, some of them are popular and some we consider have a considerable amount of followers.

Let’s look at this 9 handsome yoga teachers accounts that you must follow their Instagram account, as we summarize from various sources.


  1. SEAN PHELPSFIT (Instagram @ seanphelpslife)

This yoga instructor really loves traveling. You will see many of his Instagram posts in various cool places.



  1. GERALD SALUTI (Instagram @GeraldSaluti)

Gerald loves talking about yoga, life, love and human boundaries. He also often uploads the movement on his  Instagram account.



  1. CALEB JUDE PACKHAM (Instagram @calebjudepackhamyoga)

The yoga instructor who got the spotlight was quite big and the most popular in Namaste Festival 2017, the event was held at The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta on the 10th to 12th November 2017 a few weeks ago.



  1. DYLAN WERNER (Instagram @dylanwerneryoga)

Dylan Instagram is always full of interesting things. You can see his post in the form of photos of martial arts, rock climbing, fitness and of course yoga.

yogimen dylan werner


  1. PATRICK BEACH (Instagram @patrickbeach)

This beautiful-eyed man proves to everyone that yoga can be done by anyone. He often uploads his photos while yoga on his Instagram account.



  1. JORDAN TRACKRAY (Instagram @ findinglotusyoga)

Jordan is a yoga instructor from Sidney, Australia. Each post on his Instagram always contains photos when he did yoga on the beach and some captions are full of joy, goodness and other cool things.



  1. JONAH KEST (Instagram @kestyoga)

Not only teaching vinyasa, a  yoga hip-hop version, Jonah is also a fitness expert. This curly hair guy is also a vegan, and he often uploads his diet menu on his Instagram account.



  1. DUNCAN PEAK (Instagram @yogidunx)

Duncan is a great yoga instructor. He was fortunate to successfully turn his work into a company that provides benefits to the crowd. His yoga network called Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y) is now the most popular yoga network in Australia.



  1. CAMERON SHAYNE (Instagram @cameronshayne)

Cameron is not only a yoga instructor, he is also the creator of the Budokon training program, combined yoga, martial arts and meditation.

Are you curious, why don’t you go and check it out, you will not regret it.


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